10 Must-See Scenic Tourist Attractions In Norway


Norway is a well-known Scandinavian country. Fame can be attributed to the brutal culture associated with the Vikings contrasting with the peaceful nature of modern Norwegians. Norwegians are often ranked among the happiest in the world. This is probably due to the natural and material wealth of the country. Visitors will spot multiple North Pole attractions, with Norway being one of the few countries to extend all the way to the Arctic Circle. Tourists can experience Norwegian culture by taking a trip to this beautiful country and exploring one of the following attractions.

ten Atlantic Ocean Road

The Atlantic Ocean Road is one of Norway’s most unique man-made creations. It stretches for eight kilometers and allows travelers to pass some of the most memorable fishing towns in the world. Remember that one of Norway’s main economic activities is fishing. Tourists will also see some of the oldest churches in the country while driving along the Atlantic Ocean Road. The popularity of this route has grown so much that Norwegian travel agents will guide tourists to some of the most popular attractions they should consider when driving. For example, every visitor should stop at the iconic Troll’s Church Cave.

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9 Lyngen Alps

The Lyngen Alps lie within the Arctic Circle. They cover a 90 kilometer stretch in Sweden. Visitors who want to ski or climb this challenging landscape will enjoy every moment of this trip. They will also have the opportunity to visit rivers, fjords, gorges and glaciers surrounding the Lyngen Alps. As a tourist attraction, the Alps have facilities that make climbing fun. Adventurers will have fun dog sledding on snow safaris. If one visits the right month, one can see the Northern Lights.

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8 Kon-Tiki Museum

Norwegian Viking culture is synonymous with the ability to build tough ships that have braved the harshest ocean conditions. The Kon-Tiki Museum houses the memorabilia of famous Norwegian explorers such as Thor Heyerdahl. The establishment has dozens of galleries that can be attributed to Heyerdahl. There is also a 30 meter cave which visitors should explore for a good scare. The museum allows tourists to access the full topography of Norway, including exploring underwater exhibits. While visitors are there, they can sample one of Norway’s greatest specialties, the Kon-Tiki Fish Casserole.

seven Vigeland Sculpture Park

This national park is mainly attributed to the sculptures created by Gustave Vigeland. There are over 200 granite and bronze pieces in the park. The work is so impressive that Vigeland is considered to have the greatest individual displays by an artist. Tourists who visit the park as a country will enjoy taking their children to the playground while they hang out near the main gate and Wheel Life. Although Vigeland enjoys popular support, some of his work can be polarizing as it features eerie symbols such as skeletons. Visitors who are unsure where they fall should visit the park and decide for themselves.

6 Munch Museum

Edward Munch is one of the most famous Norwegians in history due to his Symbolist style of art. Officially opened in 1963, the museum continues to impress its visitors as it has 1,200 patients and 4,500 drawings. Additionally, there are 18,000 prints. Souvenirs are an assortment of lithographic stones and sculptural pieces. Readers are also covered as there are historical letters and books to explore.

5 Viking Ship Museum

No trip to Norway is complete unless you visit the Viking Ship Museum. The Vikings owned some of the most impressive ocean-going vessels of the time. Visitors can explore the remains of ancient ships and other artifacts at the museum. These souvenirs represent the glory of the Vikings and their conquests. For example, the Oseberg ship can be spotted at the museum.

4 Norwegian Museum of Cultural History

Thanks to its ancient creators, Norway appreciates art and beauty, making it an ideal destination for culture lovers. This museum has artifacts and writings describing Norwegian culture dating back to 1500. Visitors interested in some of the oldest preserved artifacts from Norway’s past will enjoy visiting the Museum of Cultural History. For example, there are signature items, including a wooden stave, dating back to the 13th century. Guests will also learn about ancient building styles, such as those employed by the Sami people. They will learn about various cultural traditions associated with Norway, such as folk dancing.

3 Tromsø Fjords

Some of Norway’s most breathtaking coves and islands are found in the fjords of Tromso. These are icy paths that stretch out into the Norwegian Sea. They are accessible by boat or canoe. The long networks of waterways are believed to have formed during the Ice Age. Visitors won’t get bored exploring the fjords as they can fish for halibut, cod and salmon to simmer in their rooms. The warmer months even allow guests to kayak along the waterways. Chances are they will see the famous Northern Lights.

2 Ibsen Museum

Hendrik Ibsen was one of Norway’s most prolific writers and playwrights, which is why his literature is still considered iconic. Dramatization and clever use of plot are captured in all of his works. The Ibsen Museum is located on the site of his former home with two sections to explore. A section is devoted to the work of the author and contains his family memories and his writings. The second section of the museum is Ibsen’s apartment which has been restored to capture the creative environment he shared with his wife, Suzanne.

1 Lillehammer

Tourists having the opportunity to visit Lake Miosa should take the opportunity to see Lillehammer, which is a popular destination for guests. It has some of Norway’s most iconic attractions, including Malhaugen Park, an open-air museum with around 100 old buildings including farmhouses, workshops and old churches from the 18th century. Visitors will also see the Peer Gynt Cottage in Lillehammer, one of Ibsen’s creative inspirations. Travelers arriving in Lillehammer during the winter will enjoy skiing, curling and skating on the Nordic tracks.


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