10 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Alsace, France


Deep in the eastern part of France, where the beautiful old and elegant villages of the famous Vosges mountains are located, lies the city of Alsace. Alsace is a culturally rich place where the historical beauty of the different regions of France is showcased.

The city was occupied by the Germans for quite a long time; thus, it was often confused with Germany. However, the city of Alsace is located on the territory of France. Famous for its gastronomy, its small villages financed by flower shows and vineyards, their Christmas markets and their joyful atmosphere of yesteryear during the festive period, visiting the city of Alsace is undoubtedly the destination of a lifetime.

ten Colmar

Colmar is best known for its colorful display of petals and flowers and is titled ‘Ville Fleurie’, meaning ‘The Flower City’. Colmar is located in the northeast of France, near the borders of Germany. The old town portrays the classic and luxurious Alsatian ambiance as it is surrounded by half-timbered houses and balconies that have potted geraniums blooming in spring and summer. In the city are important emblems such as the House of the Heads, the Pfister House and the Unterlinden Museum.

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9 Riquewihr

Located in the heart of the Vosges mountains and the plain of Alsace is the small village of Riquewihr. It is considered “Plus Beaux Villages de France”, with its picturesque view of the village skyline from afar. Plus, with a church in the center of the area, it’s definitely something you see in a children’s fantasy book. Guests can enjoy a peaceful, cinematic and quiet visit when visiting the village, whether it’s fountains located in the heart of public parks or museums recounting the history of the city, because Riquewihr has it all. to please.

8 Obernai

For guests looking for that old-world medieval experience, the town of Obernai, also known as ‘the Free Imperial City’, is the place to go. Located in the south of Strasbourg, France, it is full of Gothic and Renaissance-inspired houses, rustic old town gates, narrow lanes and bourgeois houses. The town is best visited during the festive season, where guests can enjoy the town’s friendly spirit as they celebrate Christmas, as well as the lighting of their amazing Christmas tree and vibrant decorations.

seven Kaysersberg

Filled with half-timbered houses, medieval-designed walls, rustic Romanesque-inspired churches and historic mansions, the town of Kaysersberg is the perfect place for a tourist to have that experience of yesteryear. During the holidays, the town is heavily visited due to its unique and extremely festive displays of old Christmas decorations and themes that bring every tourist’s heart back to their childhood memories. Other attractions include the town’s Christmas market, where the Christmas spirit is felt from every inch of the place, the craft market, handicrafts, handmade collections and many other seasonal offerings.

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6 Ribeauville

Located in northeastern France and locally identified as Ribeauvillois, the town of Ribeauville is considered a four-star “Village Fleuri” that showcases its beauty through its stunning cobbled walkways and ambience. Guests are encouraged to visit the town during their festival season, i.e. the first Sunday of September each year, when they will be delighted by the lively celebration of their Fiddler’s Village, which is an inspiring event for all musical arts and allows visitors to learn a culture while traveling here.

5 Eguisheim

Located a few kilometers from Colmar, this Alsatian village is known for its foothills covered with vines of the Vosges massifs which give each tourist a magical and yesteryear atmosphere. With architectural designs from the 16th to the 17th century and superb flower arrangements, the village has received numerous awards and titles, including the country’s most prestigious award, the “Grand Prix National de Fleurissement”, Eguisheim was also named “France’s most favorite village” in 2013.

4 Selestat

Just outside the city of Strasbourg is the town of Sélestat, a town renowned as the center of humanism in the 15th and 16th centuries. The city is filled with historical places and is quite rich in cultural heritage, one of which is the famous old library built in 1452. This library contains the oldest and most valuable manuscripts up to the 7th century. Additionally, another work of art is the town’s three-storey Romanesque church, the Elise Sainte-Foy, which features stained glass art by Max Ingrid.

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3 Valley of Munster

For travelers looking to be central to the villages that surround the Vosges, namely Hattstatt, Eguisheim and Rouffach, and in a location where the famous towns of Colmar and even Turckhelm can be a detour to the itinerary, then the Vallée de Munster is the perfect place. The town is well known for its premium cheese and cheese route. Due to their cheesy cuisine, visiting their market for an exceptional dining experience is something not to be missed.

2 Andlau

The village of Andlau is popularly known for its enchanting symbol of a bear. It is the legend that the area was frequently visited by bears, and so later it became the symbol of the city significantly dedicated to the Christians residing in the area after the significant moment with Saint Richard. According to golden times back to the 9th century, a bear identified Saint Richard as the location of Andlau Abbey, one of which is where it is now. This explains the church’s crypt, which features a bear carved in stone, while a smaller bear is encrypted outside.

1 Mittelbergheim

Located a few kilometers from the village of Andlau is Mittelbergheim, a culturally rich village that features well-designed buildings that have been designed architecturally and geographically; there are beautiful landscapes filled with vines covering the vast fields. Since he is built in the 17th and 18th centuries, this beautiful little village has been named one of the “Most Beautiful Villages” in the country. Moreover, Mittelbergheim is known for its gastronomy, as it is full of traditional cuisines and dishes specially prepared from fresh local harvests.


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