10 Tourist Attractions In Nigeria You Didn’t Know Existed


1) Former Nok Colony, Jaba Kaduna

The former settlement is located in Jaba Local Government Area in southern Kaduna State. This is where the famous terracotta figurines of the Nok people, one of the oldest civilizations in Africa, were found.

It was a British archaeologist, Bernard Fagg, employed by the Nigerian government in the 1940s who first made the discovery. Faggs House in plain sight now serves as a tourist attraction, and there is also a government-established museum where the unearthed unique terracotta sculptures and antiquities are kept.

2) Ogbunike Caves, Anambra State

The caves are in the rainforest belt and are in the valley behind the Ogba Hills. The cave has many tunnels and chambers most of which are interconnected, with streams and calm water in certain areas of the cave.

It is also home to different colonies of bats. Tourists are expected to remove their shoes and enter the cave barefoot for religious reasons, as the site retains its historical and spiritual significance.

3) Idanre Hills, Ondo State

This wonder which stands 914.4 meters above sea level is located in the town of Idanre in Ondo State. The hill is surrounded by cultural sites which include shrines, burial places, “Owa Palace”, Old Court, Belfry, Agbooogun Footprint and Thunder Water (Omi Apaara).

This attraction caught the attention of UNESCO as it was selected in 2007 to become a World Heritage Site.

4) Awhum Waterfall, Enugu

This cave-like structured waterfall is located in Amaugwe village in a town called Awhum in Udi local government area of ​​Enugu state. The waterfall was discovered due to the extreme drop of granite rock with water flowing over it to form a stream.

The water is believed to have healing powers and many tourists visit for religious reasons.

The castle, which was built in 1989, is a beautiful holiday resort that exudes a medieval atmosphere. It is located on top of a mountain in the village of Kajuru. Visitors are allowed to rent and have the entire castle to themselves during the visit and enjoy the royal treatment the place has to offer.

6) Gurara Waterfalls, Niger State

This waterfall is one of the tributaries of the Niger River and is about a three-hour drive from the capital Abuja. It is perfect for picnics, swimming adventures and hikes.

The beautiful waterfall drops about 30 meters into the Gurara River and is in full swing during the rainy season. But at other dry times of the year, such as January, the falls are slower and visitors can swim in clear pools at the bottom.

7) Ibeno Beach, Akwa Ibom

There are many beaches in Nigeria, and the one worth visiting is Ibeno Beach in Akwa Ibom. It is the longest sandy beach in West Africa, occupying a vast coastal area of ​​over 1,200 km2.

Along with its beautiful coastline, the beach also offers other tourist activities, including water sports, beach soccer, and boating in general.

8) Ikogosi Hot Springs, Ekiti State

This tourist attraction located in Ikogosi, a town in Ekiti State, brings together visitors from across Nigeria to witness the confluence of these cold and hot springs, which flow side by side but maintain their temperatures.

There are hotels and lodges where visitors can stay overnight for a long-term experience of the region.

9) Lekki Conservative Centre, Lagos

In the bustling city of Lagos filled with so much noise, bustle, Lekki Conservative Center is a great place to settle away from the chaos. It is home to different species of plants and animals and is also home to the longest canopy walk in Africa.

10) Gashaka-Gumti National Park

The park, which is the largest national park in Nigeria and covers an area of ​​approximately 6,402 km, is located in the eastern province of Taraba and Adamawa up to the Cameroonian border.

Much of the park is characterized by savannah grasslands, while the southern part has rugged terrain characterized by very mountainous and steep slopes, valleys and gorges.

The area also has many bodies of water and is in fact an important catchment area for the Benue River. This park is also the highest mountain in Nigeria, Chabbal Waade.

The potential of most of these tourist attractions has not yet been fully exploited as many of them are not well managed or not managed at all. But they certainly have what it takes to attract tourists from all over the world.


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