3 of the “worst” tourist attractions in the world are in New York


Is there anything worse than a disappointing experience after you expected something amazing? All the buildup and hype, and after it’s over, all you think is “is that it?” But enough about my prom night.

The worst tourist attractions in the world

A new study has just been released, ranking the most expensive, high-profile and worst deals when it comes to top international tourist attractions. They used a formula comparing the cost of admission to the number of negative reviews that were left, then ranked the 30 worst offenders worldwide. Spoiler alert: New York State made up 10% of the list. Three attractions were at the top (or let’s face it, bottom) of the six attractions on the planet, including the number one worst attraction for value. But are these rankings correct? Let’s break down New York’s delinquents.

6. FAIR: The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), New York

The MoMa “beat” attractions like the Palace of Versailles and Edinburgh Castle to be the sixth most popular tourist attraction in the world. The cost of admission to the museum is $25, with 4.7% of their reviews being very negative. At first I didn’t buy it. I mean, who leaves reviews? Yes, $25 is pretty pricey for an entry fee, but the museum is pretty straightforward with what you’ll get: a chance to see some modern art firsthand. Then I checked out some of the reviews. While some mentioned that it wasn’t worth looking at the art of painters who weren’t Van Gogh, many also mentioned rude staff. Says one review:

I still can’t understand how trash this museum was. For about $25 too!! It’s been 3 months and I’m still thinking about it. Super rude employees and uninteresting works of art. Literally only go there if you absolutely have to see the starry night. Honestly, compared to a proper museum of modern art like the Tate in London, you can see why MoMA is trash.

People who affirm what makes “good” modern art? Unfair. people who give real reasons why the museum can be bad? Just in my book.

2. FAIR: Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York

The Guggenheim was tied for second place with Stonehenge and Buckingham Palace, two attractions I would say would rather visit. Incredibly, over 18% of museum reviews were negative. A common theme was complaints about the limited exhibits at the museum:

Huge waste of $18 and time. There were only three “art” exhibits open, and everything else was either empty or closed… Don’t waste your money or time at the Guggenheim, go to the MET or the Jewish Museum down the street instead .

By the way, the price has gone up since this reviewer went from $18 to $25.

1. FAIR: Empire State Building, New York

This one seems to be the fairest ranking of all just by looking at the ticket price. It costs $44 to go up to the observation deck, and as the researchers pointed out, “it’s right on the main deck, not the very top.” Let’s not forget that there are many taller buildings in New York that you can also climb. Plus for $44 King Kong better be there to give back massages

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