5 must-see tourist attractions in Bali


Bali is one of the most economical and enjoyable places for Indian vacationers. It is one of the favorite vacation spots for Indians in the world. The Indonesian island is known for its breathtaking hilly terrain with lush green plants, scenic lakes, stunning waterfalls, rice paddies, flower gardens, rivers, and historic temples. Bali is perhaps popular as it is rather the cheap and pleasant vacation spot for Indian vacationers. You can plan a trip to Bali even with less than Rs 50,000 depending on the trip and hotel booking prices.

If you ever plan to speak with Bali, you must not less spend there every week to experience the wonderful thing about the island. Here are 5 must-see sights in Bali that you absolutely must check out along your journey.

Tanah Lot: Tanah Lot, located in Tabanan (in the center of the city of Bali) and about 20 kilometers from Denpasar, the capital of Bali. The history of Tanah Lot Temple dates back to the 16th century and it is considered one of the major historic Hindu pilgrimage temples in Bali. The Odalan competition, which takes place every 210 days, is the perfect time to chat with the temple.

Mount Batur: For anyone visiting Bali, climbing Mount Batur and watching the sun surge upwards is a pleasure of a lifetime. The months of April to September are the perfect examples to discover Mount Batur. It is beneficial to travel with information about the area when visiting Mount Batur. Apart from mountaineering, there are many other things to do on Mount Batur like resting in herbal hot springs, boating in Lake Batur, and cycling along the coast of the lake.

Ubud Monkey Forest: Located in Padangtegal Ubud, it is home to over 700 long-tailed gray macaques. It is well known for its analytical facilities which are organized for robotically performed research on the welfare, vitamin and reproductive behavior of monkeys. The herbal sanctuary featured a cobblestone walkway through the rainforest where many historical temples can also be discovered. People who speak with Ubud Monkey Forest can hire local guides for excursions. Additionally, an ancient bathing temple can also be discovered northwest of the main Ubud Monkey Forest location.

Grocery Shopping in Seminyak: With a treasure trove of clothing boutiques, world surf shops and lifestyle logo retailers, Seminyak is definitely one of Bali’s best grocery shopping districts. In Seminyak, chances are you’ll find everything you’re looking for, from bikinis and luggage to home furnishings and unique art projects. One of Seminyak’s favorite markets is Seminyak Square which is 25 meters from Seminyak Village.

Nusa Dua: It is located about 40 kilometers from Denpasar. The title Nusa Dua calls “Two Islands”, which describes the 2 tiny emergent islands that can be instantly discovered off the coast of the peninsula. This position is legendary for its sumptuous motels, its spa and its golf orientation. In addition to all this, one can also revel in camel safaris in Nusa Dua.

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