A great project to transform a hidden gem into a tourist spot


Hyderabad: In a welcome omen, the people of Hyderabad are exploring other parts of Telangana as many hidden gems be it waterfalls, caves and sights are discovered. The Telangana government is also keen to develop places hitherto absent from the tourist map.

The latest effort is to develop Jangaon, which is intended to attract weekend tourists from Hyderabad and beyond, especially tech-savvy people. There is history in every nook and cranny of Jangoan. Each of the six places marked for development has its own charm for its craftsmanship, people and historical value. Only 90 km from Hyderabad, Jangaon which was once a sought-after place that attracted people from afar will once again be teeming with tourist activity.

The Telangana government has sanctioned Rs 40 crore for the integrated development of cultural and heritage tourism circuit. Speaking to The Hans India, Tourism Secretary B Venkatesam said: “There are majestic forts, temples, caves and birthplaces of eminent poets such as Sri Palakurthy Somanandha Kavi and Bammera Pothana in the circuit.

An integrated development plan has been drawn up for the development. “Pembarthi known for its brassware and artefacts which supports over 500 craftsmen would be developed with good roads and Palakurthy, the birthplace of Sri Palakurthy Somanandha Kavi in ​​12th century which is renowned for his epic ‘Basava Purana’ would become tourist attractions major as the Lord Siva and Vishnu temples were restored.

Caves on a nearby hill would also be made accessible to tourists. The village of Valmidi, believed to be the place where Valmiki the author of the epic Ramayana resided and the village of Bammera, the place where Bammera Pothana was born and known for his translation of the epic ‘Srimad Bhagvatam’ from Sanskrit in Telugu are expected to become attractions as the tourism department plans to give these places a facelift.

module palakurthy
The department has set aside Rs 10 crore to develop Palakurthy with a 4-module development plan. The Palakurthy temple will be given a complete makeover with the illumination of the cave as well as the temple, beautification of the ghat road and addition of amenities at a cost of Rs 350 crore. The remaining Rs 650 crore would be used for Palakurthy Somanatha Temple, Kalyana Mandapam and Somanatha Samadhi.

Forts in the spotlight
Zaffergadh fort is to get a makeover with Rs 6 crore marked for restoration of the fort wall, landscaping and development of the site which will include tourist amenities and development of an access road. Khila Shahpur fort would also be restored at a cost of Rs 450 crore with an open air amphitheater which would be developed at a cost of Rs 50 crore. Part of the development plans include large entrance pylons at Jangoan and Ghanpur.


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