A Japanese Citizen Reaches Orangi Town Thinking It’s A Tourist Place


KARACHI: After Chinese, a Japanese citizen landed in Orangi town in Karachi on Monday, thinking it was a tourist spot, while exploring parts of Sindh during his visit, ARY News reported .

Tamazaki Takioya has been visiting different parts of Sindh for two days and recently reached Orangi town and was arrested by police during a snap check in the area.

According to the police, the Japanese citizen was arrested during the snap check in the area by the police team suspecting him to be a Bengali national. During the process, Takioya informed the police of his credentials and he was later taken into custody and transferred to the office of SSP Suhai Aziz.

Later, he was transferred to the Foreign Security Cell by the police. It was learned that this was the Japanese national’s 104th visit to Pakistan and that he is exploring the world during his trip.

Meanwhile, the Japanese Consulate appreciated the role of Karachi Police in assisting its citizen and moving him safely.

Earlier, a Chinese national reached Kati Pahari mistaking the cliff once infamous for ethno-political violence and drug trafficking as a tourist spot.

It is unclear how the Chinese national arrived shortly after arriving in the port city.

However, the Chief Superintendent of Police (SSP) Central had said the foreigner, who arrived in Karachi today on a business visa, may have mistaken the hilly area for a tourist spot.



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