A statue of the white dove will be built in Phnom Voar


A dove statue will be built in Phnom Voar mountain in Kep province in remembrance of those who died during the war.

The statue of a large white dove will be built in the former stronghold of the “Khmer Rouge guerrillas” from 1975 to 1994.

After the end of the war, the struggle continued against the government until December 29, 1998, after which peace prevailed.

Kep Provincial Governor Sam Pisith, who attended the inauguration ceremony on Tuesday, said the construction of the statue, eight meters high and three meters wide, will mark the symbol of peace and development and will take a year.

He said the site was a battlefield during the civil war and the area around Phnom Voar was the site of several killing fields.

He added that now there is no more war and only peace and joy prevail with new developments and many farmers living in Phnom Voar.

Pisith said the statue to be built at the start of 1335 Street will attract many commuters along National Road 33 which leads to Phnom Voar eco-tourism and agro-tourism area which is full of beautiful scenery.

He said he will develop the Phnom Voar site to become the nerve center of Kep province and a tourist spot where people can enjoy the beaches, a seafood haven and an ecotourism site.


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