Air Arabia announces new service to popular tourist site in Phuket, Thailand



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Air Arabia has announced the introduction of a new service to Phuket, Thailand, with direct flights from Sharjah International Airport starting July 2, 2021.

Air Arabia is the first low-cost carrier in the region to launch a direct service to Phuket.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand has confirmed that travelers who have been vaccinated against COVID-19 from low-risk countries will be allowed to fly directly to the popular holiday destination without having to quarantine themselves from the 1st. July. Visitors will only have to stay in the area where they landed for seven days before they can visit other destinations in the country.

Air Arabia Abu Dhabi launches new service to Sarajevo

Air Arabia Abu Dhabi also announced the introduction of a new service to Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, with direct flights from Abu Dhabi starting July 12.

Abu Dhabi has become a strong hub that connects passengers from the capital to other destinations by offering very competitive prices, thanks to the launch of Air Arabia Abu Dhabi, a joint venture between Air Arabia and Etihad Airways.

The new service represents Air Arabia Abu Dhabi’s 11th route since the carrier’s service launch from Abu Dhabi International Airport in the third quarter of 2020.

Customers can now book their direct flights between Sharjah and Phuket, Abu Dhabi and Sarajevo by visiting the Air Arabia website, calling the call center or through travel agencies.




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