Artist reveals what the Statue of Liberty would look like if she were alive


The Statue of Liberty is a national symbol of America and recognized worldwide, the tourist attraction welcoming millions of visitors every year.

Described as an “icon”, the colossal 305ft statue towers over New York City from its pedestal on Ellis Island. It was officially opened in 1886 and declared a national monument in 1924, and now an artist has brought its copper face to life.

Hidreley Leli Dião used modern technology to re-imagine the statue as a woman of flesh and blood, sharing the striking image on her Instagram account, @hidreley.

Dião from Brazil said Newsweek it was the first image he created in his series transforming historical figures, called “what if they lived in the present day?”

He said: “With the advent of artificial intelligence, we realized that ‘almost’ anything is possible, so I challenged myself to bring in these historical figures for today.

“When choosing the character, the longest part is finding an image that looks like the historical character. I spend hours in image banks until I get it. I always say that finding the perfect image to be the basis of art takes much longer than to make art.”

In this case, he couldn’t find an image with a close enough resemblance, so he looked closer to home.

“The first thing is to find a real image similar to the statue. Since I couldn’t find it in any image bank, I used my girlfriend’s face to bring the statue to life.

“Not that it looks like the photo, but the position of the face I managed to get it perfect. I used Photoshop and the FaceApp application. In this process, I overlay the actual image of the statue with the image used and I gradually bring it to life, always starting with the eyes.”

Artist’s impression of the Statue of Liberty. An artist has used modern technology to bring the face of the colossus to life.
Hidreley Leli Diao

Dião, who spent hours creating the artwork in December, has yet to see the statue in person, but plans to visit the Big Apple this year.

“My dream is to see the Statue of Liberty, for me it is the most beautiful postcard of New York. I plan to meet her in 2022. I will save this moment as one of the most important in my life. I’ve always wanted to do this art, but I was afraid it wouldn’t be so good. Statues are always the hardest to ‘bring to life,'” he admitted.

Commenting on the image online, Mehri_gol asked, “Why does she look like Penelope Cruz???”

Marijabatinickovacic commented, “Great pic.”

While Touropa_kyuss wrote: “Magnificent.”

File photo of the Statue of Liberty.
File photo of the Statue of Liberty. The structure was officially opened in 1886 and declared a national monument in 1924.
Vladone/Getty Images

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