Aussie tourist in Bali drinks water from statue in social media prank – ends up in hospital


Aussie’s practical prank on holiday in Bali goes horribly wrong – and lands him in hospital

  • Isaac Power posted a photo of himself drinking water from a statue in Bali
  • Shortly after, the Australian was taken to hospital after feeling unwell
  • His position in the Australian Bali Travel Group attracted sympathy and amusement

A young Australian tourist’s social media post has backfired after he uploaded a picture of himself drinking pool water – only to be rushed to hospital shortly time after.

Brisbane man Isaac Power was relaxing in a pool in Bali on holiday on Tuesday when he snapped an image of a statue holding a hose spraying water into its mouth.

Mr Power shared the photo of the pool prank on Bail Bogans’ Facebook page alongside another image of himself receiving treatment at a health clinic.

A young Aussie tourist’s prank on social media at a Bali swimming pool saw him rushed to hospital and sparked a debate over water safety in the holiday paradise

‘To yell [to] Dr Ari, he is still alive,’ Mr Power said in his message.

Hundreds of seasoned Bali travelers commented, some showing sympathy but others heckling Mr Power for his “rookie mistake” of drinking the water from his resort’s pool.

“OMG you drank that haha,” said a Victorian woman on the page, for Aussies on holiday in Bali.

“I guess we all go through it: that good old Bali belly, it’s definitely an experience, that’s for sure.”

“Must be a first rookie, drinking that Bali water,” said a Perth man.

A mother from Adelaide has said her son was ‘violently ill for days’ after drinking pool water in Bali.

Isaac Power, a man from Brisbane, fell ill after posing for a photo while drinking the water sprayed in his hotel's pool in Bali

Isaac Power, a man from Brisbane, fell ill after posing for a photo while drinking the water sprayed in his hotel’s pool in Bali

“It was sad to watch.

“The doctor said bacteria from the pool had done it and a lot of people in our hotel had ear infections. A few days later our pool was green, the pump was not working properly.

Another Victorian man questioned whether Mr Power was a ‘newbie’ to Bali before offering advice.

‘Nope. 1 rule: do not drink the water. Rule #2: See Rule #1,” he wrote.

“Never open your mouth to their water, even to brush your teeth, use bottled water,” said a young Australian miner.

‘All fun and games until you fuck yourself! Poor bastard,” said a woman from Perth.

Several reviewers have questioned whether it is worse to drink pool water or tap water in Bali.

‘First grasshopper rule – don’t drink the tap water!’

“Pool waters are okay, aren’t they?” joked a Kiwi.

A Sydney man said it made no difference.

“All water is fire!”



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