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PATNA: With the Covid-19 pandemic spoiling beach or overseas vacation plans, the Valmiki Tiger Reserve (VTR) offers a choice with places like Manguraha, Valmiki Nagar and Govardhana having tourist facilities and an additional head of the beauty, environment, forest and climate change department said Secretary-General Dipak Kumar Singh on Monday.
“These places have unique characteristics and the department ensures the safety of tourists,” he said.
One such vacation spot is Manguraha with an option of animal tours, natural beauty, and river crossing safari. It is part of VTR and tourists have been allowed there since November 10.
Manguraha range DFO Ambarish Mall said the campus where tourists can stay was opened in September this year. After reopening in November, theaters remain full, especially on weekends, he said. The mall said tourists have revealed how the pandemic caused them to opt for a nearby vacation spot. “We are taking all precautions. For example, earlier, six people were allowed to go on safari, which is now reduced to four, ”he added.
Gaurav Ojha, VTR’s DFO, said children under 10 and over 65 are not allowed for safety reasons. “We have closed cultural activities, which included local tribe folk dancing and documentaries, as these activities involve gatherings,” Ojha said. However, he said the safari was allowed.
Ojha said all rooms and vehicles are regularly disinfected and the temperature is checked. He added that attendance is not less compared to previous years. “Over 15 game drives take place on the VCR daily,” Ojha said, adding that attendance was increasing year by year.



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