‘BLM’ written on a Confederate statue at an SC:Cops tourist spot


A Confederate monument in a popular South Carolina tourist spot was vandalized over the weekend, officials say.

The letters “BLM” were spray-painted Saturday night on a statue in White Point Gardens, which sits along Charleston’s waterfront, according to the city’s police department.

“BLM” is often used as an abbreviation for the Black Lives Matter movement, which has called for ending white supremacy and fighting racism.

After George Floyd died in Minneapolis police custody in May, some Confederate monuments were vandalized and became the focus of renewed push for removal. Dozens of Confederate symbols were removed from public display in the months that followed, McClatchy News reported.

While supporters of the Confederate monuments said they recognized Southern heritage and history, others argued they symbolized white supremacy and should be removed.

This is not the first time that police have said White Point Gardens was the target of vandalism.

In June 2019, officers charged two people with covering the Charleston Confederate Defenders Monument with “a red paint-like substance,” the state had previously reported. Four years earlier, Charleston police were investigating several words seen written on a statue in White Point Gardens, according to WCBD.

In the latest reported incident, Charleston police said Monday morning they don’t know who wrote on the Confederate monument. Anyone with information is asked to call 843-743-7200 to reach a detective.

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