BTS ARMY turns a Pokemon-themed bench into a tourist spot to recreate Jin’s photos


BTS members RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook are known for the loyal base they have secured around the world. Fans, collectively known as ARMY (Adorable Representative MC for Youth), leave no opportunity to express their love for K-pop stars. In the latest, Jin clicked a photo on a pokémon-themed bench, which has now been turned into a tourist destination by his fans. Read also| BTS: Jin Shares First Photos Without Hand Casting After March Surgery, Finds Unique Way To Ask J-Hope To Comment On Insta Posts

Jin recently visited a Baskin Robbins outlet in Hannam-dong, Seoul, where a Pokemon-themed event was underway. He took to his Instagram account to share photos from the visit, which also marked the first time he was seen without his cast on his hand, following surgery on his left index finger in March. In one of the photos, Jin was sitting on a bench with stuffed Pikachus on both sides and a Pokeball in his lap. Giant cutouts of Pokémon characters in the background.

The footage immediately went viral, after which Jin’s fans restricted the venue and decided to visit. In a video shared by a fan account, people are seen lining up outside the Baskin Robbins store to recreate the photo of Jin on the bench.

This isn’t the first time Jin has turned something into a tourist spot just by expressing his love for it. He previously recommended a Korean restaurant in Los Angeles in 2018 during an interview, and his fans showed up in large numbers and formed long lines outside the restaurant. The restaurant owner even told Jin to stop taking his name as they were flooded with orders. The same went for clothes, food, gadgets or any product that Jin alluded to.

Fans hailed it as “the ultimate trendsetter” as the same thing happened again with the Pokemon-themed bench. Several called him “celebrity celebrities,” while one wrote, “Seokjin’s impact is out of this world.” Another commented, “Everything the seokjin touches turns to gold. An ultimate pioneer indeed.”

Meanwhile, BTS is gearing up to release their new album on June 10. The anthology album titled Proof consists of 15 tracks, including several old songs and a new song Run BTS. The main track is titled Yet To Come.


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