Cops recalled: Closely monitor the reopening of tourist sites, recreation areas



MANILA, Philippines – The Philippine National Police on Monday reminded its units to monitor local tourist destinations for any mass gatherings that may take place.

With the return to a “stricter” general community quarantine, a number of tourist and recreational sites are expected to reopen.

In a statement to reporters, Police General Guillermo Eleazar said people had already started visiting outdoor tourist attractions that were allowed to operate at 30% capacity this weekend.

“We are already expecting more people to leave as there have been adjustments to the allowed capacity rates of our business establishments and leisure spaces. This is what we have prepared for and we will be monitoring closely, ”he said, reminding police units to be on the lookout for violations of minimum health security protocols and to coordinate closely with them. local government units to secure tourist attractions and places of recreation.

As a reminder, last week saw the closure of the seaside resort of Gubat sa Ciudad in Brgy. Bagumong, Caloocan City after photos of the resort’s operations despite community quarantine went viral on social media. A barangay captain and a station commander have since been sacked from their posts due to the mass rally.

Eleazar reminded the public that unless they are specifically accredited or authorized by the Ministry of Tourism, for permitted leisure activities, they will not be allowed to cross the borders of the NCR Plus bubble.

“We ask our Kababayan within the NCR Plus to restrict their movements in the Bulle. For those outside the bubble, don’t try to force your way in unless your goal is travel essential, ”he said in Filipino.

“If you cannot avoid going out, remember to always wear your masks and face shields and to respect physical distance,” he also said, adding that more transmissible variants of the coronavirus have already been reported. inside the country.

He also reminded the management of companies authorized to operate, including tourist spots and recreation areas, to strictly adhere to IATF guidelines on capacity rates and to impose minimum health security protocols on their clients.

To date, the Philippines has recorded 1.15 million coronavirus infections, of which 54,235 are still active cases.

“While we understand that our compatriots are eager to leave their homes, we just want to warn that we may take longer in this situation if we violate IATF guidelines and do not adhere to minimum health security protocols,” said the police chief.



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