Cristiano Ronaldo statue sparks controversy in India



Some Goa residents are unhappy with the unveiling of a Cristiano Ronaldo statue in their hometown of Calangute.

These people accuse those in charge of insensitivity for having honored a footballer from the region’s former colonial power.

Angry protesters gathered with black flags at the site where the statue was unveiled this week in the town of Calangute.

Goa gained independence from Portugal in 1961, while most of present-day India gained independence in 1947, so it’s not as if Ronaldo or those involved meant anything bad by unveiling a statue of the sports star, but i have to ask how important does it have to india or goa?

It’s believed to be a city of football, more than cricket, which may help explain why they made a GOAT statue.

Perhaps the protesters would have backed down if Ronaldo had shown up at the statue unveiling – and asked for autographs or selfies with the Manchester United striker instead – but he’s too busy with the current season.

United also have plenty of fans in India, who I’m sure won’t let yesterday’s strife get in the way of their love for the beautiful game, and will visit the statue which has been set up to serve as a tourist attraction.

Michael Lobo, a local minister for India’s ruling Bharatiya Janata party, told AFP the aim was to inspire young people to excel not only within the country but across the world.

“All the boys and girls who want to make a career in football will be inspired by people like Cristiano Ronaldo”, Lobo, quoted by Euronews.

“If you chase your dream and are passionate about it, you can achieve a higher goal. This is what we wrote on the plaque.



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