Delhi government to develop Signature Bridge into iconic tourist spot


Delhi Chief Minister Manish Sisodia has urged authorities to ensure proper selfie points are developed and Delhi’s iconic Signature Bridge is fitted with special lighting to turn the bridge into a tourist destination iconic. The statement follows unwarranted incidents that occurred at the location after it opened to the public.

The newly opened Signature Bridge had become a favorite spot for clicking selfies in the nation’s capital. As it was built to ease the traffic jams between north and northeast Delhi, people eagerly awaited its inauguration. However, the place quickly turned into a dicey spot, when people started doing stunts to get their selfies clicked. There were even some who tried to click pictures of their moving cars.

In addition to selfie points and special lights, Sisodia also said that a children’s park and parking lot will also be developed near the bridge. He mentioned that the Public Works Department (PWD) and the Delhi Tourism and Transportation Development Corporation (DTTDC) have managed to make this bridge operational, and now it is important that these two agencies strive to make this bridge an attraction. leading tourist attraction in the capital.

Delhi government to develop Signature Bridge into iconic tourist spot

For further development, the Deputy Chief Minister also said that relevant departments will also engage the required consultants and budget support will be provided in the revised budget estimate for 2018-2019.

Delhi’s new landmark has surely created much needed stir among travelers and tourists, but what is proving to be a challenge for the authorities is the unruly behavior of visitors. It is expected that with the authorities taking action, the said place will witness no accidents in the coming days and will be labeled as a safe place to visit.


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