Dwayne Johnson poses with a Rocky statue in sweet throwback pic



Dwayne Johnson posts a photo of himself, 13, posing with the Rocky statue in Philadelphia, offering his past some advice.

Hollywood actor and former wrestler Dwayne The Rock Johnson To posted a photo of himself younger posing with the statue of the Rocky franchise. Johnson is one of the world’s biggest stars, having been the center of blockbuster movies for over a decade, most recently in Disney’s Jungle cruise and Red Notice on Netflix. The actor is also expected to star Black adam as part of DC Extended Universe next year.

Rocky followed the story of the titular boxer and his journey from stranger to world boxing champion, with series star Sylvester Stallone appearing in all six films of the franchise, and reprising his role in both Creed movies. The statue was commissioned for the filming of Rocky 3, being placed at the base of the stairs of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The landmark is also known as “Rocky Steps,” which Stallone’s character would run in the original 1976 film. The statue and steps have since become a popular tourist attraction for visitors to the city.


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Johnson posted a sweet throwback photo of his 13-year-old self posing with the statue, mirroring his pose. Johnson also included some advice he would give to his past, claiming he told the young Rock to “enjoy” and “work hard.” The colors of the banner behind Johnson indicate that the photo was taken at the Philadelphia Spectrum, a sports arena where the statue was moved before returning to the Museum of Art full time in 2006. See Johnson’s post below:

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It’s interesting to see a young, not-yet-famous Johnson posing next to such an icon given his bright future. Johnson, also a star of the Fast and furious franchise, has built a career as a towering but charismatic presence in blockbuster films on a large scale. He has also exercised his acting skills in smaller scale projects such as Ballerinas on HBO and its autobiographical sitcom Young Rock on NBC, which depicts him growing up in Philadelphia, among others. Johnson is also known for his philanthropy, having founded the Dwayne Johnson Rock Foundation which supports at-risk and terminally ill children.

It’s easy to see how Johnson was inspired by Rocky, a film that teaches the importance of hard work and self-esteem, something Johnson embodies both in his charity work and in his movie roles. Aside from a former Johnson, Rocky will continue to inspire young athletes around the world, with its continuation through Creed 3 coming in 2022. One of Hollywood’s most recognizable and beloved stars, Dwayne johnson will also continue to produce high profile films that showcase his charisma and presence, and fans wouldn’t want it any other way.

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