Famous Star Trek tourist site adds The Next Generation to its sets


Star Trek fans will want to check out the Next Generation set being created.

Fans may now know the name James Cawley. He owns the CBS/Paramount/Star Trek approved studio in Ticonderoga, NY. The set includes nearly identical recreations of the bridge and various other sets from the 1960s set. Mainly focusing on the company itself.

It has become so popular and beloved that official Trek brand owners love and actively support it. It is not only a tourist spot, but also a setting for a fan series created by Cawley.

This further proves why the Trek fandom tops the rest, as they are quite creative.

So many Trek icons have appeared on set, namely William Shatner, George Takei and many more. When not filming their own fan series or hosting tours, they also host Trekconderoga at the studio.

As they say on TV, though, but wait; There is more.

The Star Trek set is growing

According to Trek Core’s Ken Reilly, not only is the studio still going strong, but thanks to CBS’s approval, Cawley has also started creating a The Next Generation set. According to Reilly, the set now includes a full recreation of the Enterprise-D bridge computer stations, complete with ops and con stations as well.

There’s even a full-size holodeck arch that’s been completed. However, none of The Next Generation sets are complete, and construction of these and likely others are expected to be complete by fall 2023.

We’ve seen similar creations like this, ranging from homes inspired by Star Trek memorabilia to an entire basement recreated to look like the interior of the Enterprise. As for where you can go and take tours, New York’s Ticonderoga Plateau remains the only place we know of where you can explore full sets of your favorite Star Trek shows.


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