Five million visits recorded for tourist sites in Khuzestan


TEHRAN — Tourist attractions in the southwestern province of Khuzestan attracted more than five million visitors during the Iranian New Year (Noruz) holiday from March 16 to April 2, the provincial tourism chief said.

A total of 5,382,102 people visited historical sites and natural sites across the province during the mentioned period, Peyman Nabhani explained on Tuesday, IRNA reported.

The town of Dezful took the lion’s share of visits, followed by Lali, Andika, Shush and Andimeshk, the official added.

Khuzestan is home to three UNESCO World Heritage sites of Susa, Chogha Zanbil and the historic hydraulic system of Shushtar, but it’s a region of raw beauty that its visitors could spend weeks exploring. The province is also a cradle for the crafts and arts that artisans have inherited from their previous generations.

Located at the head of the Persian Gulf and bordering Iraq to the west, Khuzestan was colonized around 6000 BC. J.-C. by a people having affinities with the Sumerians, originating in the area of ​​the Zagros mounts. Urban centers appeared there almost at the same time as the first cities of Mesopotamia in the 4th millennium. Khuzestan, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica, came to constitute the heart of the Elamite kingdom, with Susa as its capital.



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