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Mumbai: The government of Eknath Shinde is accelerating the construction of a Bhim Park and shivaji statue in the constituency of rebel Sena Abdul Sattar in addition to other projects related to rebel Sena MPs. In December 2021, the MVA government had agreed to the construction of Bhim Park dedicated to Babasaheb Ambedkar near Ajanta Caves in Fardapur. This falls under the constituency of rebel Sena Abdul satar. For Bhim Park, the MVA government had given approval in principle to provide 10 acres of land from the tourism department and a fund of Rs 1 crore for the initial planning of the project.
Besides, the construction of a statue of Shivaji was also planned in Fardapur. After the Shinde government took power, it approved the transfer of 20 acres of land from the tourism department for the two projects, sources said. Ten acres will be allocated to the Department of Rural Development for the Shivaji Statue and the remaining 10 acres to the Department of Social Welfare for Bhim Park. Sattar was unavailable for comment.
He also approved the increased project cost of the Sharad Cooperative spinning mill in Kolhapur controlled by the rebel Sena Prakash Abitkar. The policy approved by the MVA government in June 2021, increased the project cost of the cooperative spinning mills receiving government support to Rs 80.9 crore, if still incomplete. The plant, which is controlled by Abitkar, had requested a cost increase and received approval in principle. Final approval was granted by the Shinde government in a statement issued on July 22. “The increased cost of the project is part of government policy. The application had been made under the previous regime and the approval has now arrived. Other spinning mills will be granted the same,” Abitkar told ToI.—Priyanka Kakodkar


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