Government plans to develop and beautify Rusimala Hill as a tourist spot


Daringbadi: Rusimal Hill, a picturesque abode created by nature, is nestled among dense forests and hills under the Daringbadi block of Kandhamal district. The government of Odisha is keen to develop this pristine place, which is still inaccessible to people.

Daringbadi BDO Gadadhar Patra on Wednesday embarked on an arduous journey through hilly terrain from Tamangi village under Hatimunda panchayat to survey the locality surrounding Rusimal Hill. After traversing hilly tracks for about five kilometers, Patra reached the foot of Rusimala Hill.

It should be clarified here that the Rushikulya River originates in this hill and meanders through Sorada locality of Ganjam district.

People and devotees from various parts of the state and even from outside Odisha manage to visit this place during Baruni Yatra and bathe. They revere the place of origin of the Rushikulya River.

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Locals say worshipers from outlying areas climb the hills to offer their prayers at this sacred place. Locals claimed that some saints and monks reside in the densely forested area.

“The state government is planning to grant tourist spot status to this sacred and hilly place. Various development works will be carried out for the beautification of Rusimal Hill,” the BDO informed.

Sources said the district tourism department, in a letter to Patra, urged it to collect data on the hills. After that, the BDO decided to visit the place. This is the very first official visit to the inaccessible area.

“There is a great need for development in the region. I will submit a detailed report on the topography of the area to the district tourism department. Accordingly, a development roadmap for the square will be drawn up,” the BDO said.

The visit of the BDO brought cheers among the inhabitants who lead a miserable life in this locality, large parts of which are indeed inaccessible.


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