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AHMEDABAD: The state’s favorite tourist destinations developed in the state have been successful in attracting the tourist.
In addition to the Statue of Unity, an unprecedented number of tourists have visited Science City, Girnar Ropeway and Shivrajpur Beach in recent vacations to take advantage of the state-of-the-art tourist facilities developed by the state government.
A large number of tourist-visitors have been attracted by tourism development activities. These well-equipped tourist destinations were visited by a large number of citizens during the Janmashtami festivals from August 28 to 30.
In Kevadia in the district of Narmada, the world’s tallest statue of Iron Man – Sardar Saheb, built with the inspiration of Prime Minister Mr. Narendras Modi, a total of 92,164 tourists visited including 23,907 tourists on August 28, 40,914 on August 29 and 27,343 on August 30. Large number of people visited the Children’s Nutrition Park, Observation Gallery, Light Garden, Jungle Safari, Ekta Nursery, Cactus and Butterfly Garden, Pet Area, boating, electric biking, rafting, etc. to Kevadia.
The science city of Ahmedabad has become more modern and attractive. World class venues like Robotic Gallery, Aquatic Gallery, I-Max Theater, Five-D Theater, Earthquake Ride, Mission to Mars Ride have managed to attract people. Ahmedabad City of Science was visited by a total of 10,996 tourists between August 28 and 30. During these three days, the proceeds from tickets to visit the City of Science reached 35 56 910. During these three days, children and students visited the new attractions. Of these, 10,236 visited the Aquatic Gallery, 2,806 visited the Robotic Gallery and 1,403 visited the Aquatic Five D Theater.
The Girnar cable car built under the direct direction of the chief minister, Mr Rupani, has also managed to attract large numbers of tourists in recent days. This cable car has become another attraction for those who can easily reach the top of Girnar, visit religious places and enjoy the natural beauty of this mountain. A total of 21123 tourists visited Girnar and enjoyed the cable car of which 4861 tourists on August 28, 7495 on August 29 and 8503 on August 30 visited this holy and religious place.
The government has paid special attention to the development of Shivrajpur Beach in Dwarika as the state’s preferred tourist destination. The CM recently visited Shivrajpur Beach, known as “Asia’s only blue beach” and reviewed the development work taking place there. A total of 21,364 tourists visited Shivrajpur Beach in Dwarika during the last festive holiday. Along with the state’s traditional tourist destinations, these new tourist attractions are also becoming the preferred tourist destinations for tourists.
The Statue of Unity, Science City, Girnar Ropeway and Shivrajpur Beach have become famous all over India with the addition of various tourist attractions, as the tourist destinations in the state are equipped with advanced and classy facilities. global.



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