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Tourists from around the world have been shown to head to certain parts of the UK more than others, new research reveals.

From Italians loving the South West to Germans enjoying London, these are the areas of Britain where foreign tourists go on holiday, according to AC Group, a British incoming tour operator.

London – Most popular with Germany

Passionate about history, architecture and culture, Germans are drawn to London’s iconic monuments and galleries.

Buckingham Palace, Palace of Westminster and Tate Modern are some of the favorite sites.

Southeast – Most popular with Iceland

Brighton’s funky lanes appeal to the colorful nature of Icelandic visitors, while the iconic pier and pebble beaches provide a different coastal scene from their black volcanic beaches back home.

Southwest – Most popular with Italy

Italian vacationers are looking for experiences. Highlighting the long history between Italy and the UK, attractions such as the Roman Baths in Bath are popular, as well as Cheddar Gorge and a stop at Stonehenge en route to South West England.

Northwest – Most popular with China

Chinese tourists have long associated Britain with music, film and museums, and following cultural growth in the North West – including the British Music Experience and the Museum of Science and Industry – this becomes their first destination.

A trip to Liverpool to brush up on Beatles history and for young tourists, a BritPop look at Manchester, as well as iconic sports clubs and luxury shopping appeal to this affluent group of visitors.

Northeast – Most poplars with Spain

Shopping malls and traditional English pubs, coupled with friendly locals, see the North East come out on top with Spanish visitors.

the Angel of the North monument is also an Instagram hotspot.

Yorkshire – Most popular with France

The more adventurous French travelers looking to venture beyond London flock to Yorkshire.

Cycle tourists love to explore the Dales, with local specialties such as Parkin and Yorkshire Pudding tempting the French taste buds.

East of England – Australia most popular

Long associated with London, you can now find Aussies swarming Cambridge marveling at history and enjoying a punt on a sunny day.

They also venture to Norwich for a taste of coastal life.

West Midlands – Most popular with Japan

Japanese visitors are often in search of stunning scenery and interesting history, which is why they are increasingly heading to the West Midlands.

Stratford-upon-Avon and its relationship with Shakespeare; Warwick Castle; even Birmingham’s canals – all popular with Japanese visitors.

East Midlands – Most popular with India

Like most nationalities attracted to the UK, Indians love to explore this nation’s history, and the East Midlands attracts thanks to its links to the heroic legend Robin Hood, as well as its ties to Indian culture and trade. in Leicester’s “Golden Mile”.

Scotland – Most popular with USA

American tourists can’t get enough of whiskey tours and fly fishing in Scotland.

Mixing the scenic countryside with the bustling cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow provides a comprehensive itinerary for visitors. And that’s before we even look at those who come to golf.

Northern Ireland – Most popular with Canada

While Game of Thrones-related tourism has broadened Northern Ireland’s appeal to most nationalities, Canadians remain the region’s most active explorers.

They usually enjoy Belfast’s nightlife, explore the Titanic museum and marvel at the Giant’s Causeway.


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