How to enjoy the tourist site, Diana’s Bath, in the White Mountains


One of the most popular destinations in New Hampshire’s White Mountain National Forest is Diana’s Bath.

Diana’s Bath is beautiful, there’s no denying it. The well-maintained trail is just over half a mile and brings you to various small waterfalls, pools, and “baths” to cool off.

In other words, it is a major tourist attraction. SO, how are you going to enjoy this must-see tourist attraction?

You don’t.

What? Why? How could you say no to seeing this beauty?

Diana’s Bath – White Mountains NH

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Let me explain and listen to me.

From Friday to Monday, the parking lot is crowded at 8:00 am. I mean you’ll be waiting in a ridiculous line like an amusement park only to drive around a small dirt parking lot to find there are no open spaces.

If you manage to find a place, the walk is magnificent; however, when you arrive at the actual area of ​​Diana’s Bath, you will likely be shocked by the number of people there, the loud noise, and the number of children running around. You’ll probably be frustrated going there because you tried to go to the White Mountains to disconnect from that stuff and reconnect with yourself, your family, or a loved one.

So how do you like Diana’s Bath?

This question is easily answered with a follow-up question: Why are you going to Diana’s bath?

If the answer is because you’ve never seen it/the area, you should go. You definitely have to see it once in your life and play in the touristy whites district… but then get out of hand.

If the answer is going out with your partner to connect, spending time with your family, swimming on a hot day, spending time near water, etc.


Recently I found out that my fiance has never been to Diana’s Bath, even though we spend a lot of time in the North. We barely stopped at the last spot and made our way through the trail to the main real estate in Diana’s Bath.

It was crowded. Instead of hanging out with hundreds of tourists, we walked along Lucy Brook (Diana’s Bath’s water source).

Logan Sherwood, Town Square Media

Logan Sherwood, Town Square Media

This is where we posted for the day. Our place was downriver, probably a three minute walk away from the crowds.

Here’s what it looked and sounded like.

No, it wasn’t extreme and there were no landslides; however, we don’t care.

We wanted to see Diana’s Bath without wanting to hang out with dozens of large families. More importantly, we discussed what we wanted for the day: quiet, peace, water to sit/let our dogs play, and a place to talk and spend the day.

That’s exactly what we got. Our spot, on the way down from Diana’s Bath, had sun on the small rocks and in the water, with some optional shade on the side.

When you get to Diana’s Bath and want full sun, walk up the hill.

Autumn at Dianas Bath, New Hampshire

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Similar to us walking 3-5 mins down, if you want 10-15 mins uphill away from the crowds you will find the same as us.

Peace, quiet, small pools to swim in and a wonderful area to disconnect from the busy world. Heading up the hill, again away from the crowds, will bring you to some large rock formations. They are perfect for spending the day and are certainly in full sun.

Diana’s Bath is new to New Hampshire. If you want to go there, go there! If you want some peace, family time, and a connection to nature, stay away or hike up/down.

More tips for exploring White are coming soon, so be on the lookout!

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