Icebreakers become Lapland’s most popular tourist attractions


The powerful icebreakers have become one of the most popular tourist attractions in Lapland, as only these ships, with ultra-reinforced hulls, can cross the Baltic Sea, frozen by the polar cold for four months a year.

At daybreak, fifty people can embark on a unique adventure that will take them into the icy water.

“You don’t feel the sensations, you just hear the sound of ice breaking. And it’s thick ice,” said one of the tourists.

“It’s like a knife cutting through ice. A very hard hull. Here you have control of the propeller. We can adjust our two propellers. It’s the angle of propulsion. The higher the angle, the faster it will go”, explained Frank Hammero, captain. of “the polar explorer”.

Hardy tourists can even venture into the water for a swim, but with outside temperatures as low as minus 20 degrees Celsius, they’re not advised to bring their own swimwear.

The survival suits, provided by the cruise organizers, allow you to maintain your body temperature for several hours.

“It’s not cold at all,” said a woman on the trip. She was picked up by another tourist who added that he felt “like a whale”.

The trip comes at a cost – around €255 per person for a three-hour cruise, but despite this, Lapland is quickly becoming the new winter holiday hotspot.


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