Iconic Partners Statue Cools Down Ahead of Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary



Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary is only a few months away now, and ahead of the resort’s many planned celebrations, it looks like the iconic Partners statue at the center of the Magic Kingdom will be undergoing a quick renovation before the anniversary marking in October. .

Recent signage placed near the statue indicates that this refreshment will occur on stage in full view of guests like the The process of removing the oxidation build-up from the weathered bronze will be underway over the next few weeks. The multi-phase effort involves stripping the sculpture down to its bare metal before cleaning it, reapplying a patina, and coating the entire figure with protective polymer and wax.

Image: Disney

In addition to new attractions, nightly shows, entertainment. and limited-time celebrations, it’s nice to see this iconic part of the Magic Kingdom cooling off before the big day. You can check out a quick rundown of what to expect from the 50th anniversary celebrations (which will run from 2021 to 2023) in our quick summary here.

It’s unclear how long this renovation will last, but with some work already underway, this refreshed look will certainly be ready in time for the October 1, 2021 anniversary kickoff. celebrations for its 50th anniversary? What are you most excited to see?



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