Identify and develop all latent tourist sites in the Volta-Rev. Region. Adonai



Rev. Charis Bright Adonai, CEO of Adonai Group of Companies, said the Volta region could become a major tourist destination in the country if the many latent tourist attractions are developed.

He noted that it would also create many employment opportunities and generate income for the development of the country.

Reverend Adonai said this in an interview with the Ghanaian News Agency in Ho.

He said his company has identified two such attractions and is putting measures in place to develop them.

The general manager named the two mountains Kokovena and a hundred percent prayer rock, both located near Adaklu Wayanu, a few kilometers from Ho, the regional capital of the Volta.

He said the scenery and the rocks, which he said sat on top of each other were impressive, adding: “We are starting to clear the roads leading to the sites to make them accessible and are also planning to set up a resort there. “.

Reverend Adonai said the private sector has a responsibility to support the government in building the country more specifically to help reduce or even eradicate the country’s housing deficit.

He noted that the Adonai Estate Limited was specially created for this purpose, adding that the company “was building a city in a town known as Airport Golf City in Adaklu Wayanu on the Ho – Aflao road.

He said “Golf City” had a lot of facilities, including a police station, restaurant, and recreational facilities.

Reverend Adonai said there were many programs held at the Golf City restaurant during the New Years festivities, including a tilapia party on December 31 to tell the tilapia story, an old school reunion and fun games on the 1st. January, and a live band and a tour of the Kokovena mountain and one hundred percent answered rock prayer.

He said he was happy that the hotel industry is developing rapidly in the region and called on investors, especially locals, to identify all undeveloped tourist attractions and invest in their development.



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