Kalyanapulova Reservoir – A lesser known tourist spot near Vizag



Fancy a quick getaway from the noise of the city? Here is a place that will suit your interests. Although there are many reservoirs near Vizag, this tourist spot is less well known and therefore much more serene. It is the dream getaway for all nature lovers. It is called the Kalyanapulova reservoir.

Built as an irrigation project, which distributes water to the Ravikamatham, Rolugunta and Kothakota Mandals in the Visakhapatnam district, this dam and reservoir quickly became a strong support system for the people. Surrounded by hills on three sides, this reservoir offers a perfect contrast between hills and plains. The cloud cover around the hills makes this place an excellent photographic spot. Plus, sitting on the banks of this reservoir, you can enjoy a fun picnic. Going with friends, family, or even alone, the peace factor is constant.

Reasons to come to the Kalyanapulova reservoir

There are several reasons why the people of Vizag should visit this lesser-known reservoir. The peaceful environment around the reservoir is its main selling point. Above all compared to other noisy and crowded popular tourist attractions. But during the Shivaratri festival, this place has a completely different color.

Hordes of people arrive here during the festival, mainly because of the Sri Kalyana Pothuraju Babu temple located next to the reservoir. The original temple is now submerged in the reservoir and as a result a new one has been built nearby. Every year, lakhs of pilgrims visit this reservoir during Shivaratri. For these pilgrims, buses to the reservoir are organized from nearby towns like Vizag, Vizianagaram, Kakinada, Rajahmundry and Tuni. Pilgrims arrive here, receive blessings at the temple, and bathe in the reservoir. Pilgrims can even take advantage of the opportunity to go boating during the festival. Locals organize a loom market where a variety of locally made clothes and shoes are sold.

Kalyanapulova Reservoir - A lesser known tourist spot near Vizag

Apart from this, the dam and reservoir are a visual spectacle during the monsoon and winter seasons. Photography enthusiasts and nature lovers especially appreciate this place. A few families come here for a weekend picnic in the middle of the valley. There is also a waterfall, about 2-3 km from the dam, called Bommallam Jona Waterfall.

Kalyanapulova Reservoir - A lesser known tourist spot near Vizag

The authorities plan to develop this area and make it a popular tourist spot near Vizag. In this regard, a park should appear near the reservoir, named after ex-deputy KSN Raju. Due to illegal mining activities in 2019, the water level in the reservoir had dropped and the reservoir was almost completely emptied. But then the reservoir recovered and has now returned to its former magnificence.

How to get to the Kalyanapulova reservoir?

The Kalyanapulova Reservoir is about 80 km from Vizag. It is located 24 km north of Narsipatnam. The best and most comfortable way to reach this place is by road. It can become a memorable bike trip with your friends. The journey takes around 3 hours with the best route passing through Anakapalle, Ravikamatham and Kothakota.

The reservoir falls under the Visakhapatnam agency area and is sparsely populated. It can be difficult for people to find accommodation in this area and therefore the ideal trip is where you come and go on the same day.

Disclaimer: Due to the ongoing pandemic situation, people are urged to follow Covid-19 standards, such as wearing a mask and maintaining social relationships. distance when visiting the Kalyanapulova reservoir. Additionally, visitors are requested to keep the tank clean and green.



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