Karnataka Government Constructs ‘Metaverse’ Theme Park Near Kempegowda Statue | bangalore


Karntaka Minister Ashwath Narayan said on Sunday that the new theme park near the Kempegowda statue will provide a metaverse experience for tourists visiting the place.

Responding to a Twitter user’s query about government efforts to boost tourism like the one being undertaken by Gujarat through the Statue of Unity, Narayan tweeted: “Certainly yes! The government is also building a theme park at the #StatueOfProsperity location which mirrors Kempegowda’s idea of ​​Bengaluru. The theme park would have tiny lakes, cultural symbols, museums and Metaverse experiences to portray the rich heritage and technological prowess.

The minister shared the plan for the theme park, which he said will attract tourists to the airport.

“The theme park will be embedded with sacred ground and water collected from various villages in Karnataka including all 31 districts of Karnataka. This park in front of the huge Kempegowda statue is going to be a major attraction for all tourists flying to and from Bengaluru,” he said.

On Friday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveiled the statue of Kempegowda, the ruler known as the fortifier of Bengaluru. The statue is also known as the “Prosperity Statue”. The Prime Minister had also unveiled the newest Terminal 2 at Kempegowda International Airport.

The last terminal is expected to be operational by December and will serve around 25 million passengers per year.


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