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Mangaluru: Government sanctioned Rs 3 crore under Mahatma Gandhi Nagar Vikas Yojana, to develop Kudmul Ranga Rao memorial in tourist destination.
mangaluru deputy Dr Vedavyas Kamath said the social reformer had dedicated his life to the welfare of the Dalits and strived for their education in the coastal district decades ago. The MLA said a foundation ceremony for the development of the memorial at Babugudde will take place within a month.
“He fought against the social scourges of untouchability and inequality that Dalit communities faced. Even Mahatma Gandhi was inspired by Rao’s struggle against untouchability and inequality. Besides developing Rao’s memorial in Babugudde, we also plan to celebrate his birthdays every year, through the Mangaluru City Corporation (MCC),” Kamath said.
He was speaking at the 163rd anniversary of Rao’s birth, organized by BJP Mangaluru South Unit and BJP SC Morcha, in Babugudde on Wednesday. “The new memorial should serve as an inspiration for the younger generation. Therefore, it will be built as a tourist destination,” Kamath said.
Mayor Premanand Shetty said residents of coastal districts will never be able to forget Rao’s contributions. “The educational institutions and hostels, as well as the concept of lunchtime meals and job-oriented courses he initiated for the oppressed, testify to his dedication. Portraits that tell of Rao’s contributions will be displayed at the Kudmul Ranga Rao town hall in the city. In addition, the municipality will also launch a special survey to identify beneficiaries from Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribal communities, to distribute various government scheme benefits directly to their families,” the mayor said.
mangaluru President of the Urban Development Authority (MUDA) Ravishankar Mijar said the authority will develop a circle in the city and it will be named after Rao.

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