Kundapur: the magnificent tourist site of Belkal Falls needs attention


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Kundapur, January 9: The scene of the waterfall gushing from a great height on Kodachardi Plateau is a visual treat even from afar. However, you have to climb 3 km on foot to reach the spot. Getting there can in itself be a rewarding experience for hikers. The happiness one gets from standing under the falls is unimaginable.

Belkal is located at a distance of 8 km from Mudur under the boundaries of Jadkal Gram Panchayat of Byndoor taluk. Govinda Theertha is located 3 km from Govinda Belkal Temple. The path crosses forests on both sides. Govinda Theertha is a picturesque place which has a rich religious history. It is an excellent tourist site. This unique fall has no imitation anywhere else. Except the sound of falling water, everything else is silent. The intermittent sounds of the passing breeze and the percussion of bending trees are music to the ears. The cool wind relaxes the tired body after a hike.

The road ends at the foot of the hills. From there it’s just a footpath. A little further, there is a small office of the forest department. Tourists must give their coordinates there and walk in front of it. Except on Ellamavasye day, a charge of Rs 100 is levied on each person for the trek. Although the trail is a little nice up to 1 km, it later becomes difficult to walk. Since there is no basic infrastructure and security, each step must be taken carefully.

Always in front, you have to climb the branches of the tree and also climb on fallen trees across the path. In some places, one can also experience rock climbing. The path becomes more difficult as one advances. When there is still a kilometer to go, we hear the sound of the falls. When you think you are almost at the base of the falls, the path becomes even more difficult. Ultimately, when you reach the base of the falls, the feeling is inexplicable. Here, except the rocks, there is no other support. Leaning on rocks, you have to approach the falls carefully to take a shower.

Many mythological explanations are available for Govinda Theertha. The goddess Mookambika is said to have washed her Trishul after killing the demon Kamhasura. This place has shrines of Vishwambhara Ganapathi, Sri Govinda Swamy and Kotilingeshwara temple is at the lower falls. Belkal Falls is therefore also a religious place. The months of November and December are good for trekking in this region. During the monsoon, it is dangerous because of leeches.

Belkal Falls, which lies between the Mookambika Forest Reserve, has all the characteristics of an excellent tourist site. However, due to the lack of basic infrastructure and forest department rules, very few people know about it.

Special Ellamavasye

Ellamavasye day holy bath is unique to this place. Thousands of devotees arrive at this place to take a holy bath on this day. There is a belief that all sins will be washed away if one takes a bath in the water of Belkal Falls on Ellamavasye day.

On Ellamavasye day, a special pooja is offered in the temple. Food is also served to devotees on this day. Buttermilk is also provided on the path itself for thirsty devotees.

Although this fall has all the characteristics of a wonderful tourist site, the lack of interest from the tourism department keeps it practically unknown. As this area falls under the forest reserve, it cannot be developed. If the road is built for only 2 km and later if steps are built, tourists can easily reach this place. Hopefully the relevant department will realize the potential soon.


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