Leicester Square stabbed: Horror video after cop was stabbed 3 times in the neck and female officer suffered life-changing injuries


HORRYING footage shows the aftermath of two stabbing police officers when a knife-wielding maniac went on a rampage in London’s West End this morning.

A young policewoman was seriously stabbed in the arm, which could change her life during the attack.


Footage shows the aftermath of two stabbed police officers
Several officers attend to one of the injured men and bandage his arm


Several officers attend to one of the injured men and bandage his arm
A man was held down on the road


A man was held down on the road
Screams are heard in footage from after the attack


Screams are heard in footage from after the attack
A truncheon and a bloody pole in the street


A truncheon and a bloody pole in the street
Two officers were stabbed in Leicester Square


Two officers were stabbed in Leicester SquareCredit: Newsflare

And a male officer was stabbed three times in the neck and once in the chest but is expected to make a full recovery, said Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Mark Rowley.

Shocking video footage showed the injured officer shirtless and later helped by colleagues, one of them using his hand to stop the blood pouring from his neck.

Footage also showed the suspect being pinned to the ground by police after being tasered several times to subdue him.

The suspect was taken to hospital with injuries and is being kept in armed guard today.

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A bloody long-handled weapon with a blade was seen lying on the sidewalk after the attack as cops tried to push back onlookers and clear the area.

There is no suggestion of a terrorist connection to the incident at this point.

The stabbing ransack came as the two injured Met officers cared for a woman who had collapsed after being spiked with a drug at a club.

While tending to the woman, members of the public alerted cops to a nearby man wielding a weapon.

A passerby said: “Officers stopped the man and as they searched him he suddenly pulled out this long gun with a blade on the end.

“He first stabbed the female officer with the weapon and then he was tasered.

“But then he got up and pulled a silver knife from inside his pants and stabbed and slashed the officer in the neck.

“Moments later, police were coming from all over and the suspect was repeatedly tasered by reinforcements.

“It was shocking to see, especially at this time with the expectation and funeral of the Queen and the sad mood of the country.

“There are armed police all over central London at the moment and it’s lucky he hasn’t been shot.”

The viewer told how officers tried to help their injured colleagues.

He said: ‘The male officer was standing against a shop window and had taken off his shirt. Blood was flowing from his neck and one of his colleagues was trying to stop the flow with his hand.

“Finally he lay down on the floor and I gave them my jacket to try and cover up the bleeding.

“The female officer did not appear to be so badly injured at the time and the blood from her wounds was less visible.”

The witness added: “There were about a dozen people in the immediate area at the time who had come out of clubs and casinos.

“The suspect had been knocking in the Leicester Square area for around four hours.

“He wore a smart jacket but wore slippers without socks.”

A local worker described how he heard screams and the sound of Tasers being fired and zapping the suspect with 50,000 volt probes at the upper end of Haymarket with the junction of Coventry Street.

The man said, “I ran down the street and saw the man on the ground with a lot of wires coming out of him.

“He was screaming in a London accent and still looked in trouble as the police restrained him.

“Within minutes there were hundreds of police in the area and cordons were set up.”

The viewer added, “It was very scary and seemed out of nowhere.”

There were initial fears the male officer who was stabbed in the neck would not survive, but he later stabilized although he remains in critical condition.

His female colleague is seen as serious but stable.

A source said: “Both suffered life-changing injuries but are expected to survive.”

Met Assistant Deputy Commissioner Stuart Cundy said there was no link between the police stabbings and the Queen’s period of mourning.

But he said it put in “acute accent” the need for vigilance among police and the public around the Queen and Queen’s funeral.

DAC Cundy said: “If they see something that concerns them, let the officers know so we can assess and respond accordingly.”

The police chief said of the stabbings: “It is a terrible event.

“We don’t believe it’s related to terrorism or the events of this week.

“It shows that we have brave colleagues not just in London but across the UK, day in and day out, responding to incident calls.”

Superintendent Justin Browne, of the Met’s West Central Command Unit responsible for policing in Westminster, said: “Every day, police have taken to the streets to keep London communities safe. In doing so, they often have to put themselves in harm’s way, putting their own well-being at risk in order to protect others.

“The actions of these two officers and their colleagues exemplify the key value of courage that runs through the core of the Metropolitan Police and they will be offered all the support they need as they begin their recovery from this terrifying incident.”

Met Police said: “On Friday September 16th at around 6.00am police encountered a man armed with a knife in the area of ​​Leicester Square.

“Two officers were stabbed and are currently being treated in hospital. We await further updates on their conditions.

“The Taser was deployed and the man was arrested on suspicion of grievous bodily harm and assault on a rescue worker.

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“He was taken to hospital for treatment, where he is now.

“Investigations into the circumstances surrounding the incident are ongoing.”

The scene this morning


The scene this morningCredit: LNP
Police vehicles at Piccadilly Circus, near the scene of the attack


Police vehicles at Piccadilly Circus, near the scene of the attackCredit: Reuters
A policewoman on the scene after the incident this morning


A policewoman on the scene after the incident this morningCredit: LNP
The two officers are being treated in hospital


The two officers are being treated in hospitalCredit: Newsflare
The incident is not considered to be related to terrorism


The incident is not considered to be related to terrorismCredit: Newsflare

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