Margan Top: a promising tourist site



On the way from Mati Gawran to Margan Top, you have to cross two beautiful places to know; ‘Lehenwan’ and ‘Nawkan’ situated in lush green coniferous forests with waters gushing from beautiful streams, the waters of ‘Chavenz Nahla’ invite the passing visitor to take a sip of its cold water. Another attraction is the colorful flowers of Potentillas.

Margan Top sits at an altitude of 3,750 meters above sea level with latitude 33º49’411 “N and longitude 75º29’097 ”E. The Margan Valley is an alpine area with lush green meadows and rich biodiversity. The entry point to Margan Valley is called ‘Jandi’, which welcomes incoming tourists with small springs and red, purple-green, blue primrose, blue poppy and gentian flowers. The Margan and its adjacent side valleys like ‘Lehenwan’, ‘Shel-i-Sar- Gagad Nai’, ‘Chohar Nag’ and ‘Wadwan’, is home to beautiful flowers, some important medicinal and aromatic plants, lush green forest, alpine springs and lakes, unique animal species and snow-capped mountains; Sens offers everything in one for nature lovers and tourists.

In the middle of the Margan Valley flows a stream with crystal clear waters which adds to its beauty. The stream is called ‘Honarkash Nalla’. On the banks of this stream, various plant species grow with flowers of different colors, these colorful flowers attract the attention of every passing person. The source of Honarkash Nalla is Chohar Nag, located on the left side of the Mati Gowran-Marwah road. Chor-Nag is a Kashmiri word which means four springs, it is actually four alpine lakes, and the Chor-Nag valley is a creation of nature with a unique landscape, colorful flowers, huge rocks and plans of land. immaculate water. All the lakes are oligotrophic with crystal clear water, the great prairies and the Rocky mountains with rich biodiversity, the rolling lands, the great prairies and the lakes are so beautiful that the human brain is forced to think of the wonderful creations of nature. Such a group of four clear water bodies in the Alpine region is truly breathtaking. On the way to Chor Nag, one can see the underground holes of the Mormots and these animals wandering and making different sounds, various species of endemic plants and the beautiful flowers. If this area is marked on the tourist map, it can prove to be the first choice for local and foreign tourists and can also prove to be a hot spot for Bollywood. On the right side of Honarkash Nalla, a beautiful green and sloppy area called ‘Doabpather’ is located. Here we see plants with beautiful flowers and also a beautiful alpine lake with very clear and pure water; the lake is surrounded on three sides by high snow-capped peaks. The peaks of the Margan Top Mountains are adorned with lush green junipers (Veethur) by nature in different models. On the other side of Doabpather is another beautiful side valley called “Shel-i-Sar-Gagad Nai”. This side valley welcomes visitors with a crystal clear waterfall from another alpine lake called ‘Shel-i-Sar’ and beautiful flowers of Corydalis, Androsac and Trolis etc. This alpine lake is located in the middle of a huge lush green meadow that gives eerie comfort and ease to the eyes and soul. The walkway to the Shel-i-Sar-Gagad Nai is a narrow path between rocks and waterfalls on the left of this path. This region is a paradise for botanists, nature lovers, hikers and visitors.



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