Marrybrown breathes new life into JB ‘Red House’ landmark with mural


Marrybrown has created a mural at its latest outlet in one of Malaysia’s tourist spots – the Red House along Johor Bahru’s Jalan Tan Hiok Nee. Produced in collaboration with local mural artist Sam Lim, the mural aims to animate the cultural building and focuses on the theme “Around the World”. It depicts a train transporting Marrybrown’s dishes to Malaysian fans at home and around the world, introducing local Malaysian delicacies to individuals around the world.

According to Marrybrown, it is the first and only quick service restaurant to open an outlet in a local tourist location. Founder and Managing Director of Marrybrown, Nancy Liew, explained that Jalan Tan Hiok Nee has become a fashionable historical destination for locals and tourists alike, as it is associated with a combination of new and traditional shops catering to the lifestyle modern while serving as a reminder to the community that the past is not forgotten.

Liew also added that the fast food chain was thrilled to hire Lim to create the mural and give the historic “Red House” a whole new look. “This symbolizes Marrybrown’s 40-year journey, from humble beginnings as a Malaysian brand in Johor Bahru to introducing local food that Malaysians are proud of to different countries. We appreciate the support of our Best memeg fans throughout these 40 years and we will maintain our mission to bring innovative dishes and the best service to Malaysians,” she said. A+M reached out to Marrybrown for additional information regarding its future branding and marketing strategy.

The “Around the World” theme has been used as a marketing strategy by Marrybrown for some time. Last December, he teamed up with content creator Jared Lee to promote his Chicken Tom Yam in the most surprising and fun way Malaysians could relate to. The brand explained that it wanted to up the ante on its social media marketing by creating unexpected humorous content with Lee while highlighting its new offering. The campaign was produced in collaboration with SLPR Worldwide Group.

“Consumer expectations of brands are continually changing and they are looking for more compelling stories that they can share or spark conversations with friends and family. This is where digital storytelling comes into play at different stages of a consumer engagement journey,” the agency said. senior partner and chief operating officer for Southeast Asia, Leon Tang, at the time.

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