Maureen O’Hara statue removed after 48 hours on public display in Cork City as residents horrified at ‘poor service’


A new statue honoring Hollywood legend Maureen O’Hara has been removed after 48 hours on public display because people felt it didn’t look like her enough.

Residents of Glengarriff, County Cork were outraged that the bronze sculpture had done the actress “a disservice” and felt it looked little like her.

Over 1,000 people posted online expressing their horror and outrage at the artwork.

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The statue had been commissioned by Cork County Council at a cost of €33,000.

It was only erected last Wednesday at a purpose-built site in the picturesque village, but was then suddenly swept away without any explanation after public backlash on Friday.

Statue of Maureen O’Hara in Glengarriff, County Cork

Statue of Maureen O’Hara in Glengarriff, County Cork

This was the second attempt to have a statue made of her. A previous one made a few years ago that was never displayed publicly was canned because it didn’t look quite like it either.

One resident said: “It’s like the moving statue in Glengarriff. For some reason, we seem to be having trouble finding a sculptor to make a statue that looks exactly like Maureen and keep everyone happy. I’m sure it’s a very difficult job to do.

“The carvers will say the room looks like it, and in all honesty they may be right, but the locals disagree.

“Perhaps because the statue is bronze it is difficult to make it look so real and portray all of her natural beauty. The people of Glengarriff all loved Maureen and are very protective of her beauty and her legacy.

Maureen O’Hara was renowned for her striking red hair and natural beauty.

She was born in Dublin and has lived in America for most of her life.

She bought a house in Glengarriff and vacationed there regularly over the years before settling permanently in the village in 2005.

She is perhaps best known for her role as Mary Kate Danaher in John Ford’s film The Quiet Man, which also starred John Wayne and became one of the most popular films of all time.

The film was shot around Cong and Ashford Castle in Mayo and Galway. There is still a massive tourist industry there.

Maureen O’Hara received an honorary Oscar in 2014.

Some locals think the council should now forget about the statue project and it would be more appropriate to remember her with a park bench and a plaque bearing her name.

The star died in her sleep aged 95 seven years ago in October 2015. She is buried in Arlington National Cemetery in Washington DC.

Cork County Council has so far not commented on why the statue was removed.

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