mother mary: artists from Gujarat will build the tallest statue of Mother Mary in the Congo | News from Vadodara

VADODARA: When tourists visit this central African country in the coming months, they will gaze in awe at the imposing statue of Mother Mary.
And credit for turning the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) into a major tourist attraction by building the tallest statue of Mother Mary in the world will go to the Gujaratis.
A group of state artists has begun construction of the statue, which will stand 50 feet tall. “The statue will stand in the middle of a sprawling lake in the town of Katebi Kolwezi. It will be the tallest statue in the world and the World Book of Records has already given us a provisional certificate for it,” said Sachin Kaluskar, responsible of the project.
Kaluskar and the six artists including Maharshi Panchal, Ajinkya Barde, Janak Panchal, Vinod Parmar, Bhavesh Panchal and Jagdish Vasava camp in Congo for the project. “We will stay here for the next three months to build the statue. While the statue is being built by a private company, we have obtained the necessary permission,” Kaluskar told TOI.
“We are delighted as we will play an important role in making the Democratic Republic of Congo a hub for tourism, as people from other African countries and the rest of the world would come here to see the tallest statue of Mother Mary,” he added. The statue will be made of fiberglass with a heavy metal structure inside. Plans are underway to create leisure facilities around the statue so that business tourists have a place to relax in the city. “When we were offered to work on building the tallest statue of Mother Mary in the world, I was a bit skeptical. But the people here are so hospitable that we already feel at home”, one of the artists Maharshi Panchal.

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