Mumbai: Kanhoji Angre Island will become a tourist site


In a major push for tourism and sailing activities around Mumbai, the central government has approved the proposal to develop Kanhoji Angre Island. According to the latest developments, the island will be developed on lines similar to those of the famous Elephanta caves.

Reportedly, visitors will benefit from overnight stay facilities on this newly developed island, unlike Elephanta Caves, where visitors are not allowed to stay overnight. To ensure that visitors have a great stay on the island, restaurants and makeshift resorts will also be set up there.

In reference to this development, approximately 12 acres of land will be developed for tourism activities, while the rest will be developed for port-related activities. It is estimated that the project will likely cost around INR 50 crore which will also include setting up basic infrastructure such as toilets, footpaths etc.

If things go as planned, the project is expected to take probably three years. According to an official, since the finance standing committee has already approved the project at a recent meeting in New Delhi, the MbPT (Mumbai Port Trust) can now start the tender process.

Mumbai: Kanhoji Angre Island will become a tourist site

Although no construction is allowed on the island due to coastal regulation standards, temporary tents, resorts, restaurants will be set up. The official further added that this project will give a boost to tourism in Mumbai as tourism-related activities have also been offered by the port authority. It has also been reported that permission has also been granted for a marina at Princess Dock in Mumbai to park yachts. To develop this high-end structure, it would cost around INR 350 crore, which will accommodate around 300 yachts. Also, once it is ready, all yachts and ferries stationed at India Gate will be moved here.


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