Nottinghamshire tourist attractions and their weirdest TripAdvisor reviews


From beauty spots to museums and art galleries, Nottinghamshire has something for everyone.

This is what makes it so popular with visitors, tourists and locals.

But you can’t please everyone, and even some of the most popular and top-rated attractions have received poor reviews.

Some are fairer than others – and some are downright weird.

Nottingham’s highest rated attraction on TripAdvisor is listed as the highly rated Wollaton Hall and Park.

And despite having a rating of four and a half out of five, one visitor left a very low rating and was furious – after having to park his car on the grass.

One review said: “To be honest I was very disappointed. I visited on Saturday 21st November and had to park my car on grass at first, not even tarmac. Also, you had to have at least an iPhone to call a business on the Advice screen.”

He added, “I won’t be back again!”

The caves that lie beneath the city are a well-known attraction and visitors can have the opportunity to explore the hidden underground network.

Nottingham Cave City

A reviewer of the caves claimed that they had gone to visit their friend and “it takes longer to walk around my house than to walk around the caves”.

A pretty bold claim, unless this individual lives in a mansion.

The Theater Royal and the Royal Concert Hall host many different shows each year.

A visitor rated the location with one star – however, based on their review, this may probably seem quite difficult.

The review only talked about how they didn’t like the person they came to see – and nothing to do with the place itself.

“He spoke primarily about the contestants on his TV show and not about his own life experiences,” the reviewer wrote.

“It doesn’t work. It ends up being a really bad corporate event presentation.

“Too bad because I think I could have enjoyed a more frank and heartfelt lecture rather than a turgid witty talk. Not everyone who has had an interesting life can tell a good story, storytelling is a art. It’s even worse when the story is replaced by a poor attempt at motivational speech.”

East Bridgford Garden Center is extremely popular with its customers, offering a range of produce as well as food and drink to visitors.

However, for one person, a lack of stuffing – and paying extra for a Yorkshire pudding – was the last straw.

A general view of the sun bursting behind the Robin Hood statue as the temperature nears 30 degrees in Nottingham city centre.
The Robin Hood statue next to Nottingham Castle

He said: “We went there for our usual Christmas dinner.

“It was half of what it was before.

“No stuffing, and a Yorkshire pudding was an extra charge this year.

“I’m afraid this will be the last year for us.”

Surely no one can argue with Robin Hood, can they? A statue of the Nottingham legend is on display for visitors in the city centre.

It can also be seen again with one person writing: ‘In this dreadful PC world we live in, why would they have a statue to a self-confessed thief from Yorkshire?

At Nottingham Racecourse, one person was horrified to be served beer – in a plastic cup.

They said: “Arrived in the afternoon with a group of friends, I couldn’t wait to leave.

“The beer wasn’t even bad and turned into plastic.” They added that it was a “horrible experience”.

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