NYC Tourist Site Glass Summit One Promotes ‘Skirtless’ Dress Code



The Summit One Vanderbilt attraction in New York City wants visitors to enjoy all of its glass ceilings, floors, and glass walls, but there is a caveat: don’t wear a skirt.

The reflective floor inside the building can cause “unwanted exposure” for guests wearing skirts or dresses, the attraction website said. Those who choose to wear skirts or dresses will not be penalized, a spokesperson for Summit One Vanderbilt told USA TODAY.

The Summit One Vanderbilt, which opened Thursday, is located inside a new 1,401-foot-tall tower. It includes three exhibitions on three different floors; the “Air“The exhibit features horizon views and mirrored reflective floors.

“Due to the nature of the space and the presence of reflective and transparent flooring materials, we recommend that you wear pants, shorts or tights to fully enjoy the SUMMIT experience. comfortable to walk on reflective surfaces, we provide non-reflective privacy path in the whole space “, read the suggestion on the website.

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The summit told USA TODAY that it is offering free black shorts to those who haven’t read the advisory. Guests wishing free black shorts should request them upon arrival.

The creator of the Summit, Kenzo Digital, said the Air exhibition was created to ‘awaken’ the senses of visitors and will transform their ‘relationship to physical space’.

“We have created a work that brings innovative storytelling to the best view of New York City – taking the canvas from the Summit Observation Deck and elevating it into a transcendent and euphoric experience,” Kenzo Digital’s website read.

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