Odisha artist creates 15-foot turtle statue to raise awareness of threat of plastic waste



Manveer Singh, an Odisha-based visual artist, built a plastic 15-foot Olive Ridley sea turtle sculpture on Puri Beach to raise awareness of the negative impacts of plastic waste on the environment, especially sea and life. aquatic.

‘Plasticwalla’ is another nickname for Manveer. He claims that his art is influenced by and for the environment. He won the “METIS Initiative on Plastics and the Indo-Pacific Ocean 2021”, a cooperation between the Utsha Foundation and AFD, and created this work as part of it.

Manveer’s candidacy was chosen from a pool of 26 applicants from across India. In September, his initiative “From plastic to art” was chosen. Manveer collected plastics for this work of art by placing 40 “habit changer” boxes throughout the city of Bhubaneswar. He also engages with the public to raise public awareness about plastic pollution and has organized workshops in various schools and universities in the city.

Manveer explained to ANI why he chose Olive Ridley as the subject of his work. He said: “I choose Olive Ridley because mass nesting of these is very common in Odisha. All species on this planet are affected by plastic, including Olive Ridley. They often eat plastic after the have confused with jellyfish. The mass nesting is really huge, but unfortunately very few of these turtles survive. I want to let people know about their crisis as they play an important role in sustaining the life cycle on this planet. Everyday plastic was used for this work of art, ”he noted.

An artist raises awareness of the threat of plastic waste

This 15-foot piece of art was created by 250 turtles, according to Manveer. Manveer has contributed to the upcycling / reuse of approximately 350 kg of plastic in India to date. He created works of art using weaving techniques with colorful polymers to produce stunning objects of all shapes and sizes. Considering the popularity of the beach as a tourist destination, he chose Puri Beach as the location for his work of art. “People support me,” he remarked when asked about his interactions with the public and his support. “People need to be aware of the plastics they use even if they don’t know it. I advise them to inspect the packaging of all the products they buy. I urge them to provide me with dry, multi-layered plastic. “, did he declare. .

He wants to go even further in raising awareness of plastic waste by including his village. “There just started to be a problem with plastic contamination. I want to raise awareness today so that landfills are not created,” he noted.

Puri Beach was chosen as a venue for exhibiting works of art in order to connect with people and help end the practice of throwing plastic into the sea, according to Sumitra Padhi, its coordinator of project and member of the Utsha Foundation.

Manveer has had a significant impact on the public perception of plastic waste as a result of his meetings with the public.

In an interview with ANI, Mr. Patnaik, a local resident, highlighted the importance of Manveer in changing his family’s attitudes towards plastic waste disposal. “Manveer came to see us about a month ago. He had given us a box to store our plastic. Previously, the municipality collected plastic and transported it to landfills. It’s good for the environment, ”he said.

It seems that Manveer’s workshops in schools and universities were also successful. While chatting with ANI, Sasmita, a student who created a drawing with plastic, was also happy with her work and echoed Manveer’s feelings about plastic pollution.

“I first used a pencil to draw. I also used small pieces of plastic this time to draw. I’m really happy with my art. I never thought of plastic as a way to create art. ‘art. I made a turtle. We are humans but we often forget that others have the right to live too and we throw away plastic. I urge people to recycle plastic and make art out of it She said.

Manveer’s initiative has also impressed tourists. According to Abhimanyu, who also happens to be one of Manveer’s teachers, “I am delighted that he is taking on this task. He painted when he was my student, but then he became interested in environmental issues, which are still of concern. news today. He has created incredible work, and I’m delighted to be here to witness it. “

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