Odisha government plans to turn dams into tourist attractions under new scheme


The government of Odisha has planned to turn the state’s iconic dams, reservoirs and water bodies into tourist attractions and vibrant recreation areas. The state government has decided to give their outskirts a complete makeover through beautification, filled with landscaping, setting up entertainment avenues and infotainment areas, and other facilities boating and camping.

Implementation in stages

The Department of Water Resources has developed a new program, “Peripheral Development of Reservoirs and Water Bodies”, with an expenditure of Rs 50 crore for three years.

Odisha has 163 large dams and the transformation will start gradually. Initially, peripheral areas of 18 dams and reservoirs will be developed, with the department spending Rs 5 crore this year, Rs 27 crore next year (2023) and Rs 18 crore in 2024.

Transformation under the regime

As part of the new program “Peripheral development of reservoirs and water bodies”, areas adjacent to water bodies will be transformed into recreational areas and picnic areas. Along with this, museum activity centers and interpretation centers will also be set up in areas close to water bodies.

Anu Garg, Additional Chief Secretary of the Department of Water Resources, informed that areas near the dams would be developed into learning and infotainment zones with recreational areas including facilities such as boating and camping.

She said, “The state’s great dams are marvels of engineering. Once outlying areas are developed with museums, interpretation centers offering regular audio-visual shows and guided tours, these can be used as places of learning outside of leisure travel. cited The new Indian Express.

Development Monitoring Committee

A District Reservoir and Water Bodies Peripheral Development Committee will be formed to oversee the development works. The committee will be chaired by the Collector in the neighborhoods where work will resume.

The committee will determine the dams to be undertaken in the respective districts. In the first phase, dams with decent road connectivity and more crossings will be taken up for development under the program.


Odisha has a considerable number of large medium reservoirs and iconic dams. The adjacent area of ​​these water bodies has always attracted tourist attractions due to the scenic naturalistic view and recreational opportunities.

After the development of these areas, some crucial sites of tourist significance will be handed over to the tourism department for further development, including the multiplication of additional amusement themes and maintenance.

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