Once Once, the new tourist site of San Jose del Cabo


A new place to visit in Los Cabos? Yes, it is an initiative born in San Jose del Cabo, Baja California Sur, intended to be a space to incubate, develop and implement new ideas.

Once Once is an emerging project promoted by Grupo Presidente (hotel chain) and founded by Lorena Dromundo, professional cyclist, and Braulio Arsuaga, Mexican businessman and CEO of Grupo Presidente. It was recently inaugurated and promises to be one of the must-see places in Los Cabos.


This park is located precisely in what was once a Grupo Presidente hotel that has been transformed into the first headquarters of Once Once. This project will not only remain in San Jose del Cabo, as it is expected that in the future, but it can also be implemented in other destinations.

Over the years, more and more initiatives and projects have involved citizen participation and the promotion of social change and well-being. And now they have greater relevance after experiencing an unprecedented global event, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, which has sparked greater interest in improving their lifestyle.

New talent incubator

Once Once is one of those initiatives that seek to return to the origins of life after the pandemic, whose protagonists are sport, well-being and movement.

Once Once not only aims to stand out among the places to visit in Los Cabos, but also aims to integrate and promote the local community in an outdoor space. The aim is for this outdoor site to function as an incubator for new talents and projects in sports such as cycling, skateboarding, yoga, training and cultural activities such as gastronomy and music.

In terms of tourism in San José del Cabo, the objective is not only to promote the visit of travelers but also to develop events, projects and activities for the local community of all ages. The space has several tracks to practice skate bowl, bike park, dirt jumps, airbag, networking area, music stage, boxing area, yoga, training, well- being and gastronomy, among others.

How was the opening of this new tourist attraction in Los Cabos? The inauguration brought together personalities from different fields, from athletes and artists to students, families and of course, tourists and the local community.

Strengthen the revival of tourism

PHOTO: Get ready to surf. (photo via Los Cabos Tourism Board)

In addition, the documentary “Euforia” by Octavio Coutiño and Alejandro Maytorena chronicles the journey of surfer Sebastian Williams along the Mexican Pacific coast. Inaugural activities included a skate bowl party, yoga, breathing exercises, ice bath therapy workshops, vegan food and live music.

This project should strengthen the reactivation of tourism and leisure with a social and environmental vision, with around 10,000 visitors for the rest of this year, and replicate it in new places next year. Since its opening, it has been constantly visited by celebrities, from athletes to national and international opinion leaders.

If you plan to visit San Jose del Cabo in the near future, don’t hesitate to call Once Once on Blvd. Antonio Mijares S/N in the Hotel Zone. Sponsors of this project include Go Pro, Oakley, Michelob Ultra and the Los Cabos Tourist Board.

“We are happy to have inaugurated this project which is so interesting and so different from what we do at Grupo Presidente and to add Lorena Dromundo to our family. This first Eleven Eleven location will be an important step for the company and will allow us to ‘explore a whole range of new possibilities and challenges that we will be able to overcome,’ commented Braulio Arsuaga, CEO of Grupo Presidente.

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