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One of the most popular tourist attractions in Keszthely is the bird park at the Helikon Castle Museum. After being forced to close at the end of November 2021, the Parc des Oiseaux is teasing a reopening.


The virus

Like reported Late last year, bird park staff noticed that more and more birds were dying unexpectedly. In all cases, the presence of the H5N1 subtype of the avian influenza virus was confirmed by the laboratory of the National Food Chain Safety Office (NÉBIH).

Because of the virus, the whole herd had to be slaughtered.

It was a huge loss for both the staff of the Ornithological Park and the visitors. However, Gábor Rigó, the owner of the birds, was most shocked and devastated by the death of the birds. He was incredibly close to them, he even gave some of them names.

The tragedy

He said the following:

“My life’s work has collapsed. There were birds that I had for more than ten years, I started raising them in my own backyard in Kalocsa. In 2016 I came to Keszthely with 120 birds of 22 species, and in five years I had more than 50 species with a population of 360 birds. I always bought new specimens from breeding to make the park as colorful as possible and to be able to hand feed as many species as possible. All the birds were to be destroyed…”

Despite everything, the Parc des Oiseaux is now teasing a reopening. They shared the good news on the Helikon Castle Museum Facebook page, along with a video of the venue.


The park and its surroundings have been completely decontaminated and the official 30-day closure has expired. The park will reopen in March with 30 species of birds. As Gábor Rigó shared in the video, some species have already arrived in the bird park.

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“We will open with the same species of birds that visitors have already seen. I can reintroduce species from the species list, I don’t need to apply for new permits,”

says Gabor Rigo.

For the March opening, he will be able to show 30 of the previous 52 species, but he will gradually fill the stock. They can begin to repopulate the stock, but new specimens they have purchased cannot be released from closed tents until after the quarantine period ends.

ornithological park keszthely


Peacocks, pheasants and partridges have already arrived and the bird habitat is full. Staff managed to buy adult birds, so we can expect to see breeding this year.

If you like colors and birds and maybe even colorful birds, be sure to visit Keszthely Bird Park when it opens in March.


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