Ordinary tourist attractions that are more suitable for children


Forget all the preconceived ideas about holidays with children. It’s a hoot.

Some tourist attractions are even highlighted when accompanied by your offspring. Where adults tend to contain their excitement due to underlying insecurities, little humans have no problem holding back their pure heart-melting joy.

This sheer excitement is contagious, bringing your decade-old and otherwise mediocre inner sights to life.


Unless it’s the fountains of the Bellagio in Las Vegas, the Roman tourist magnet Fontana di Trevi, the Magic Fountain in Montjuic or Dubai’s 275-meter-long choreographed spectacle, there are few entertainment for adults at public water jets.

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Wind Tree by Michio Ihara is popular with children all year round.


Wind Tree by Michio Ihara is popular with children all year round.

Children, on the other hand, are absolutely fascinated by water, no matter how much pressure or the sound and light show that accompanies it. Sit back and watch them find their happy place and saturate their only pair of clothes for the day.

People without children would likely walk past the Wind Tree in the Silo Park compound of Tāmaki Makaurau (Auckland). Artist Michio Ihara’s stainless steel water feature is a big attraction for kids as they jump in to splash with the seagulls. The Bowker Fountain in Ōtautahi (Christchurch) is a disappointing octagonal jet that will make children sparkle. The bucket fountain of Te Whanganui-a-Tara (Wellington)? You can’t beat it.

Amusement park

The Power Surge ride at Rainbows End is not for the faint of heart.


The Power Surge ride at Rainbows End is not for the faint of heart.

Since you’re dragged around all day to get as many rides as possible, just know that you’re definitely getting your money’s worth visiting a theme park with kids.

Colors, lights, and sounds are enhanced, each ride gets hilariously over-the-top reactions, and the novelty carnival food will be far more popular than your own brought-home snacks.

There are over 20 rides and attractions at Manukau’s Rainbows End. Set aside an entire day to see the 9-hectare theme park. As well as New Zealand’s largest permanent Lego exhibit, Taupō’s Mind Junction has a giant outdoor maze, radio-controlled boats and a flight simulator, while just down the road in the Wairakei Valley kids can eat their own lunch or get behind the wheel of a giant. pedal swan at Huka Prawn Park.

animal parks

Brooklands Zoo is a free entry animal sanctuary in New Plymouth.


Brooklands Zoo is a free entry animal sanctuary in New Plymouth.

Farm parks are just more low-key, smellier versions of the zoo, but kids love them.

There’s the contagious laughter when goats nibble food from your youngster’s hand, the sheer delight of holding a giant rabbit, the hilarity of watching a kunekune pig snore, and the satisfying boost in confidence as you plod on. the back of a horse.

Tāmaki Makaurau’s Kiwi Valley Farm Park is a special attraction where you can hold and cuddle small baby animals and jump on the back of a tractor.

Take the excitement to another level by visiting free admission to Brooklands Zoo in Ngāmotu (New Plymouth), where you can walk among all your barnyard classics, plus reptiles and amphibians, monkeys squirrels and white-headed tamarins. In the free-flight aviary, you can get up close to a colorful selection of exotic birds. In addition, there are plenty of parking spaces.


The Tūhura Science Center includes a rainforest.


The Tūhura Science Center includes a rainforest.

From live animals to those stuffed with stuffed animals. Museums are where taxidermied animals come to life, old bones become the stuff of the imagination, and every exhibit-related button becomes too tempting not to be mashed repeatedly.

Try to figure out all the weird things in glass jars, go on a scavenger hunt through the hallways, and learn something new while playing with interactive screens. At the Museum of Transportation and Technology, you might even be asked to wear the conductor’s hat and sound the horn on a vintage passenger tram.

Kids will love the Earthquake House at New Zealand’s Te Whanganui-a-Tara Museum Te Papa Tongarewa. The simulation shows the power of geological forces in a house with shaking ground.

The Tūhura Science Center in Ōtepoti (Dunedin) at the Otago Museum is no ordinary museum. The interactive space features a three-story indoor slide, a skeleton bike and a rainforest with a waterfall, exotic butterflies, giant stick insects and tarantulas.

Elsewhere, the Raetihi Dinosaur House houses the largest collections of private dinosaur skeletons in the country.

swimming pools

Would you dare to ride the tallest and steepest slide in New Zealand?

Brook Sabin / Stuff

Would you dare to ride the tallest and steepest slide in New Zealand?

Once you’ve taken the perfect poolside selfie, enjoyed your cocktail and swum a few lengths, what else is there to do as an adult in a pool? Don’t just hide like an adult in the shallow end.

You just can’t beat the water with young children in tow. You will never run out of things to do. It’s your first duty to serve as a lifeguard, then watch them splash, dive and leap.

If there is a waterslide, strap in for a full day of fun. Hanmer Springs combines the best of both worlds: 22 thermal pools for adults and a choice of several waterslides for children, including the Conical Thrill, New Zealand’s tallest and steepest slide.

Lake Taupō Holiday Resort features two waterslides, a giant hot pool grotto, and a lagoon-style pool with a hot pool bar.


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