Plans for the Spiderman statue in Forest Hills are starting to take shape


A Forest Hills resident seeks to erect a Spiderman statue in Forest Hills (Photo via Wiki Commons)

February 28, 2022 By Michael Dorgan

A Forest Hills resident seeks to pay homage to one of the neighborhood’s most famous fictional characters: Spiderman.

Larry Ng, a longtime Forest Hills resident, wants to erect a statue of the web-slinging superhero in a public space in the neighborhood and is trying to rally the community around his plan.

Ng, who is retired, said there is no physical recognition of Spiderman in Forest Hills despite fictional character Peter Parker – who transforms into Spiderman – growing up in the neighborhood. Parker lived at 20 Ingram Street with his Aunt May and Uncle Ben, according to the original Marvel comic book series.

He said a statue of the science superhero turned superhero would bring a lot of joy and pride to the community, especially to children who have been affected by the pandemic.

“I really feel for the kids in the neighborhood because they’ve been locked up and the news is bad,” Ng said.

“And I thought if we had a statue of Spiderman in Forest Hills, people would light up and be happy.”

Ng said he decided to take his idea to life in January and started contacting residents for feedback. He also created a website for people to find more information about the project and leave comments.

“Everyone I’ve spoken to loves the project,” Ng said.

Ng said the statues play an important role in the lives of New Yorkers and help bring people together.

He said the statues also bring communities to life and serve as tourist attractions. He highlighted the importance of the Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island, Prometheus at Rockefeller Center and the Charging Bull near Wall Street.

Ng said he was inspired for the project by a statue of Captain America on display in Brooklyn, where the fictional superhero is from. The 13-foot-tall statue was unveiled in 2016 by New York City Mayor Eric Adams, who was then borough president.

Ng said he contacted David Cortes, who designed the Captain America statue, to see if he would create a Spiderman sculpture in Forest Hills and he has since agreed.

The Spiderman statue, Ng said, would likely be bronze — similar to the Captain America statue — but he’s open to the idea of ​​it being done in color.

Ng said the statue would take about six months and cost between $150,000 and $200,000. The project would be funded by donations from the public, he said, but a fund will only be created when plans for the project are more advanced.

He said he also pitched the idea to some members of Community Board 6 who said they support the plan in principle and are willing to help him in his endeavors.

The proposed site of the Spiderman statue at MacDonald Park, located at 8720 Queens Blvd., shown (Google Maps)

However, Ng said a difficult challenge with the project is finding a suitable location – and then getting official approval to erect the sculpture.

Ng said his favorite site for the statue is at MacDonald Park, located at 87-20 Queens Blvd., because it’s in the “heart of Forest Hills” and easily accessible. The park is located next to the Forest Hills-71st Ave subway station. and about three blocks from the LIRR station at 71st Ave.

Ng said he identified a small plaza on the northwest corner of the park, at the intersection of Queens Blvd. and Yellowstone, for the display of the Spiderman statue. He said organizers will also need to get approval from the Parks Department.

Another location is a plaza in front of the United States Postal Service across from the park at 106-28 Queens Blvd. The space is often used as a market.

Ng hopes to get more support for the statue over the next few weeks and says it will lift the spirits of the entire borough if it comes to fruition.

“I think it would be great for the whole borough of Queens,” Ng said.

“People are really excited about it.”

Another location for the Spiderman statue is a plaza in front of the United States Postal Service, pictured. (Picture via Google Maps)

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