Pondicherry has reopened its tourist sites with a capacity of 50%



Tourists can now travel to Pondicherry as the government has decided to reopen with 50% capacity. The destination has already opened its tourist destinations from July 16 as the infection rate began to drop. While the government in Pondicherry has already extended the lockdown until July 31, it has also reopened some tourist destinations such as the Botanical Gardens and Chunnambar Boathouse.

Public Works Minister K Lakshminarayanan said in a statement: “We have decided to reopen tourist sites with 50% capacity with strict instructions to comply with the appropriate behavior of Covid-19. The Chunnambar Boathouse operated by the government, a private boathouse and other tourist sites resumed operations from Friday. On the first day of reopening, collection at the government boathouse stood at 89,000. Tourists began to visit Pondicherry in large numbers after the second wave of infection started to subside. We can see Pondicherry return to normal from this weekend. ”

Besides the destinations, the territory was also allowed to reopen bars and restaurants located in hotels, guest houses and lodges. In addition, the government of Pondicherry has also proposed to launch a home delivery service for alcoholic beverages within the territory. This has been suggested to reduce crowds at liquor stores, which can lead to more infections.

Lakshminarayanan also said that Puducherry plans to grant clearance for all activities on a phased basis, so that all sectors can have a chance to revive themselves. He added: “If people are unruly, we will revive special wings like the tourist police to ensure compliance. ”

Tourism is of course very important to Pondicherry, and it is important to revive it as much as it is important to ensure the safety of tourists, and residents.



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