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Refer to article “CS leads promotion of 75 new tourist destinations” FROM September 9th. In this regard, I would like to ask the Director of Tourism Deptt Jammu to consider Tehsil Chenani’s “Sudhmahadev. Mantalai” for development as part of the promotion of the new tourism destination program.
Relevant to mention that these two villages have a vast potential for religions, heritage, adventure and tourism in general.
In Mantalai, there are unexplored archaeological sites at the airfield and a 15th century Garh Barkot Fort on the bank of Holy Devika Creek in the vicinity. In addition, these two villages have good road connectivity. These places are visited by thousands of visitors every year, but due to the lack of tourist infrastructure, tourists return the same day. Years ago, this area was approved by the government to increase the facilities of guest houses with individual houses in order to encourage tourists to stay in a warm atmosphere, but due to the negligence of the relevant departments, the program could not be implemented in the field.
The scenic beauty, the high hills all around, the dense forests, the heritage bowlis, the sacred streams, the ancient temples and the vast agricultural fields have remained the source of attraction for visitors to Sudhmahadev-Mantalai. The ring road sanctioned in Sudhmahadev twenty years ago for the extension and promotion of tourism-related facilities has not been able to be started so far due to a minor problem of legal stay. The point is that people want to visit this area for months to feel the sweetness of nature in the dense forests of Dhar Shivgarh and Mantalai but one or two guesthouses cannot accommodate the influx of thousands of tourists in high season, so tourists take another path.
Based on the above submissions, it is hoped that the Tourism Department will consider the merits of Sudhmahadev-Mantalai for strengthening and promoting this region under the new tourism destination program.
Rajinder Chand Anthal
Zone Education Officer (ret) Chenani

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