Ramgarh: Daly Payla will be developed as a tourist site



Ramgarh, August 21: The district administration has launched the initiative to develop Daly Payla, a religious center located in Godatu village of Dulmi block under Ramgarh district, as a tourist spot.

Dulmi bloc’s twenty-point chairman, Sudhir Mangalesh, said local MP Mamta Devi spoke about the issue to the assembly during the last session at the request of villagers in the area. She said that by developing it as a tourist spot, the faith center would be protected as well as additional job opportunities for people in the surrounding areas.

After reaching Daly Payla, located in the hills of Godatu and Ichatu, there is a feeling of incredible power as well as a feeling of freshness and purification of the mind.

Speaking of Daly Payla, the elders state that during the British Raj, Chinese soldiers received military training here. The war exercise was done by Daly Payla. During the attack, several shells were fired, even cannons were discharged, but not a single shell exploded here.

Mukhlal Mahto, Ramghrit Mahto, Shambhu Mahto, Punit Mahto, Mahtab Rahi, Chotan Kumar, Utam Kumar, Shiv Kumar, Paran Kumar among others were present on the occasion.


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