South Yorkshire’s most popular tourist attractions and their worst reviews


South Yorkshire is full of wonderful things to do, with plenty of places for a family day out or a night out on the town.

It’s the ideal county for people who enjoy spending time outdoors, with impressive parks, manicured gardens, zoos and wildlife centers right on our doorstep.

And we also have some really impressive indoor attractions that are perfect for cold and wet weather.

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In fact, many of the places South Yorkshire has to offer have become favored tourist attractions – enticing people from all over to visit.

As South Yorkshire’s top attractions, it’s no real surprise that they’ve amassed hundreds of four- and five-star reviews on TripAdvisor.

But, for some people, a visit to the county’s most popular attractions has left them feeling a bit underwhelmed.

Here are some of the worst reviews for South Yorkshire’s top tourist attractions…

Sheffield Botanic Gardens, Sheffield

Sheffield Botanic Gardens

One reviewer said it was ‘okay but kinda rubbish’, they added: ‘Sad little place, I was plagued by beggars and a drunk. Will never go back. Very ordinary plants nothing special. ‘extraordinary. Parking a nightmare.’

Another criticized the ‘unpleasant posh locals’, they said: ‘Pretty gardens but the place to be in Sheffield if you want to meet arrogant locals. Sheff is generally friendly but the older people in these gardens are often rude and unpleasant. Esp if you have a dog.”

Sheffield Winter Gardens
Sheffield Winter Gardens

Sheffield Winter Garden

One reviewer said it was “full of beggars”, they wrote: “Beggars asking for money, kids running amok and destroying plants, parents are skanks, full of hoodlum wasters.”

Another said: “It was one of the top ten things to do in Sheffield, it’s embarrassing for Sheffield. The Winter Gardens looked lovely but in fact it was just a small greenhouse with some plants. Cross over if you are nearby but not on a special trip to visit. We crossed in 3 minutes.”

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Graves Park, Norton
Graves Park, Norton

Graves Park

One unimpressed visitor said ‘rat sickness’ was ‘guaranteed’, they pinged: ‘Lovely cafe and children’s play area…… DON’T WALK IN THE PONDS – there are more rats so many ducks!!!!!!!!

Another said their visit was quite traumatic: “There was a sheep lying around with a badly bleeding eyeball which was very traumatic for my 4 year old in the shed.

“The cafe wasn’t too busy but dirty and the waiting time for food was 45 mins. We ordered a pre-made toasted sandwich and were told 45 mins which actually takes a minute in a panini machine, which could have been finished by the time the staff had taken our payment.

“The cafe staff are very unfriendly and while we were drinking our coffee someone else’s food came out and got really burnt and they took it back. There are hardly any popsicles left and no ice cream at all. Very very poor!! Staff have to go to Millhouses cafe on a training day to see how it’s done.”

A keeper feeds a Saki monkey at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park
A keeper feeds a Saki monkey at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Yorkshire Wildlife Park

One reviewer said they didn’t see many animals: “What a waste of time and effort. There’s a lot more emphasis on their food outlets and stores than to animals. I saw more wildlife on the ride there.”

Another said: “Very disappointing. A mile walk to the entrance. Another long walk to the center without seeing anything. Now the kids are fed up. Came to giraffes, not to see. J “Saw a few camels, ostriches, monkeys and lions. Went to see polar bears, all in cages. Kids crying. Long drive back to parking lot. Absolute waste of money.”

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Tropical Butterfly House, North Anston
Tropical Butterfly House, North Anston

Tropical Butterfly House, Wildlife and Falconry Center

One visitor said he had a ‘crappy’ day: ‘The staff were rude, unhelpful and too busy chatting amongst themselves! There wasn’t a single part of the day that the kids enjoyed! Were in and out within two hours!!! I emailed and didn’t even get a response!! I won’t be going back!”

Another said it was ‘too expensive’, they said: ‘I took my 11, 10 and 7 year olds here, it cost just under £50 to get in. Covered the whole day up in less than 2 hours Overgrown, lots of plastic animals with pimples Kids had seen Tuarantula stand on the website but when asked about it they were told “No, we don’t really hold them, you can just watch them. “Disappointed kids and frustrated parents.”

Brodsworth Hall Gardens
Brodsworth Hall Gardens

Brodsworth Hall and Gardens

This reviewer was more interested in tasting the food than enjoying the beautiful gardens: “Awful. I ordered a hot chocolate and it came in the smallest cup I’ve ever seen. I waited in line for an hour to get beef burgers, both were burnt and only one The man was at the helm The house wasn’t even open so we had to stand outside in the cold.

But this visitor said the garden was disappointing: “The standards of the garden have dropped considerably over the last two years from what they were. Why? The shrub borders were once perfectly trimmed and the fern was not never had any weed on the site.”

Sheffield Crucible Theater
Sheffield Crucible Theater

the crucible

Even the famous Crucible can’t appeal to everyone, one reviewer said: “Fun spoiled by a seat that was too narrow and not at all accommodating, it put me off theaters, no leg room either .”

Another said: “Going to this place is like navigating a third world country with a broken leg. And then if you can afford to park you will be pushed to find a space because the council from Sheffield doesn’t want you to park. Once inside the naff decor doesn’t look modern or retro, just rather dreary. And everything is grossly overpriced. It’s a wonder it’s always open !”

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